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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/providers/toString'

* origin/sg/providers/toString:

Address review items

Refine toString() on Provider types

Remove toString() from Provider types

Merge pull request #5445 from gradle/dd/dependency-insight/fix-concat-for-different-types

Fix concat for attributes with same name, different type

Merge pull request #5441 from gradle/eskatos/perf/kotlin-dsl

Add more Kotlin DSL performance tests

Address review items

- Fix two other providers that were not presenting a useful toString()

- Clarify comment that toString() should not realize a Provider's value

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/stable-native/task-output'

* origin/gh/stable-native/task-output:

Simplify last operation check

Fix issue where tasks have broken output when other tasks complete

Fix test execution when using the parallel executor

Add test to show cross-build caching is resilient to errors in supplier

A rule which failed to execute should be re-executed, not cached.

Increase file walker time interval to 2000ms


This PR makes an attempt to fix the flay test. Previously this test

asserted a file walking costed no more than 1000ms, which seemed

not true. This PR increases this value to 2000ms.

Simplify last operation check

Merge pull request #5420 from gradle/wolfs/core/actionable-deprecation-summary-message

Make deprecation summary actionable

Revert 1269600dd7a024e8ce264e78d5aec6d9cecb168d

This did not have the desired effect, as the module registry

was always used. Instead a change to the DaemonLogAnalyzer has

been introduced which completel removes the module registry


Make DaemonLogAnalyzer faster

This class only needs the basic global services,

not the full set which is much more expensive.

This makes all daemon integration tests faster.

Merge pull request #5470 from gradle/oehme/daemon/init-buildsrc

Run init scripts from client distribution in buildSrc

Fix registration of module registry

The service registry method needs to return the concrete type

of a service in order to discover all of its provided interfaces.

In this case the module registry was not being picked up as an

immutable file location, because that interface could not be

discovered from the method return type.

Merge pull request #5462 from gradle/oehme/performance/lazy-module-registry

Compute Gradle module classpath lazily

Merge pull request #5444 from gradle/oehme/finalizer/parallel

Run finalizers in parallel in all cases

Merge pull request #5419 from gradle/wolfs/immutable-file-collections/better-deprecation-message

Include class name in deprecation message

Merge pull request #5429 from gradle/oehme/performance/gradle-module-snapshotting

Treat Gradle modules as immutable files

Run init scripts from client distribution in buildSrc

The gradleHome was not passed on to nested builds,

meaning they would use the wrong directory and not

run init scripts from the client distribution.

Merge branch 'release'

Prefer a GradleDsl enum in test fixtures

over BuildInitDsl from :buildInit

needed in :internalIntegTesting for RepoScriptBlockUtil

to not add :buildInit dependency in :internalTesting dragging a lot

BuildInitDsl & GradleDsl could be unified in :baseServices as an

internal type once we have another use case for production code

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

# Conflicts:

# subprojects/docs/src/docs/release/

Publish 4.8-20180519004708+0000

Make swiftpm-export lazily create its task

Make swift-library and swift-executable create tasks lazily

Make xctest plugin lazy

except for a compile task

Make most of C++ plugin tasks lazily created

Follow dependencies through mapped Providers

Merge pull request #5443 from gradle/gh/stable-native/rich-streams

Make rich/verbose console behave like plain when streams are not attached

Revert "Let fixture repository declaration be dsl agnostic"

This reverts commit c3f39fab74df88e0781d250aadc636203c023f1a.