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Partially push instantiator through all containers

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Merge pull request #5412 from gradle/sg/lazy/redo-api

Add new replacements for lazy task API

Merge branch 'release'

Merge pull request #5411 from gradle/wolfs/build-cache/javadoc-improvement

Minor adjustment of build cache javadoc

Merge pull request #5417 from gradle/wolfs/core/fix-finalizer-bug

Fix bug when finalizer tasks ran too early

Remove 'Some person' from contributors in release notes

Signed-off-by: Björn Kautler <>

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Some more load/store adjustments

Fix bug when finalizer tasks ran too early

Finalizers must run after the last task to be finalized.

Merge pull request #5313 from pledbrook/java-plugin-chapter

Improve lists in Java Plugin chapter

Add release notes about breaking change

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Add some test coverage for names and identifiers in a build with several source dependencies.

Fix test fixture build failure query methods to handle multiple build failures.

Use configureEach and not configureEachLater

Decorate instances of RealizableTaskCollection

Fix task failure handling so that task failures from included builds are not lost. Previously, a task exception would be ignored if no task in the main build directly depended on the failed task and was still scheduled to run at the point in time where the task failed. In some cases this resulted in the build being reported as successful when in fact some task in an included build had failed.

This change means that some exceptions will be reported twice, but this is better than not at all. A subsequent change will fix this.

This change also decouples waiting for completion of tasks in an included build from firing the build finished events and other cleanup. Now all tasks in all builds are completed before finishing up any builds.

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Increase timeout to 120s


Recently we observes some timeouts on EC2 agents, not sure what happened

but let's increase this value and see if it works.

Add small note about configuration time improvements

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Fix test and delegation of configureEach{}

Add test showing locking failure with SNAPSHOTS

Minor adjustment of build cache javadoc

Make sanity check happy

Introduce configureEach to replace configureEachLater

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Rename getByNameLater() to get()

Merge branch 'release'

Upgrade wrapper to use 4.8 RC1

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Publish 4.8-rc-1

Move properties into the ConsoleAttachment enum

Replace "sources" in JVM language chapters

Trying to standardise on "source" and "source files", with the former treated

as a mass noun.

Merge branch 'master' into java-plugin-chapter

Merge pull request #5408 from gradle/wolfs/tapi-tests-flamegraphs

Fix generating flamegraphs for JavaIDEModelPerformanceTest