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Add classycle classpath as an input to Classycle


Fix typo

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/worker-api/bounded-queue'

* origin/gh/worker-api/bounded-queue:

Fix problem with nested work items causing the execution queue to hang

Make worker executor queue-based to minimize the number of threads spawned

Mention placeholder deprecation in release notes

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Merge pull request #5256 from gradle/oehme/malformed-jars

Remove malformed jar/class deprecation

Bump minimum version of historical performance builds for C++ plugins to 4.1

4.0 did not have new C++ plugins

Rebaseline performance tests

To account for recent configuration time improvements.

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Merge pull request #5169 from gradle/lptr/core/cleanup-task-scheduler

Cleanup task scheduler

Move URI text resources from Deprecations to New and noteworthy section

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Merge pull request #5258 from gradle/oehme/apt/incremental/recompile-instead-of-fail

Make incremental annotation processing lenient

Merge pull request #5281 from gradle/oehme/fix-mirror-script

Fix repository mirror script for older versions

Merge pull request #5255 from gradle/oehme/apt/incremental/dynamic-registration

Discover incremental processors dynamically

Fix repository mirror script for older versions

Older Gradle versions don't have the PluginMangement block.

Compile that part dynamically and only invoke it on newer versions.

Merge pull request #5220 from lsmaira/phased-action-build-controller-api

Modify PhasedActions to run tasks only when explicitly requested by the client

Use the correct compiler tool when probing the system libraries for a native language, so that the correct language selection command-line option is passed to the compiler when probing. This means that the C++ headers will be discovered when compiling Objective-C++. Previously, only the C headers were discovered.

Revert "Ignore msbuild based tests for the embedded executor"

This reverts commit 48186c8809421182dbded29256dc4af5df6cd1ee.

Merge pull request #5271 from gradle/sg/native/msbuild-less

Ignore msbuild based tests for the embedded executor

Bump to latest nightly

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Ignore msbuild based tests for the embedded executor

For some reason, this causes msbuild to take several minutes to execute Gradle

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/lazy/test'

* origin/sg/lazy/test:

Restore test.single behavior when no classes match the pattern

Add docs for deprecations of Test system properties

Avoid realizing test task for Java and Groovy plugins

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Merge pull request #5250 from gradle/oehme/performance/buildsrc-plugins

Add plugin registry for buildSrc plugins

Remove now unused declarations

Merge branch 'master'

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/lazy/more-stats'

* origin/sg/lazy/more-stats:

Add better task statistics

Merge pull request #5200 from gradle/bamboo/nested-afterEvaluate

Honor nested `afterEvaluate` requests

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Merge pull request #5242 from gradle/wolfs/dogfood-ifc-with-tree

Dogfood immutable file collection

Mention `afterEvaluate` change in the release notes

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Test parallel task execution without extra threads

Now that all the locking happens somewhere else, we can test parallel

task execution constraints easily without running different threads.

Merge branch 'master'

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