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Prevent exceptions from trying to print exceptions from hiding all output

Change GroovyCompile.astTransformationClasspath to final

I think it was an oversight that it was not final.

Merge pull request #13435 from gradle/bamboo/cc/lambdas/i

Instrument `Spec<T>` lambdas for compatibility with the configuration cache

TestKit must use a user home for the reduced distribution it runs with

If a test that uses TestKit does not have the 'full' distribution

available, it needs to use the user home dedicated to the distribution

it runs on. And not the default shared test-kit home in the system

temp folder. Otherwise, multiple TestKit tests based on different

distributions might end up sharing a daemon.

Disable flaky fs watching tests

Sometimes the watched directory can't be deleted

on Windows.

Merge pull request #13411 from gradle/lptr/vfs/fix-windows-crash

Fix syntax

Make sure promotion build can still find distributions to publish

Make sure docsTest uses the correct (full distribution) shared user home

Use native-platform version from master

Remove unnecessary test runtime dependency declarations

These are now provided through the dependency on the distribuition.

Soak tests require the full distribution

Re-enable test that was disabled related to canceling on Windows

Re-enable tests disabled because of the Windows crash

Merge pull request #13434 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/rename-to-fs-watching-2

Add contributor to release notes

    • -0
    • +1
Remove more mentions of vfs retention

Simplify test setup

Merge pull request #13412 from gradle/eskatos/cc/docs

More configuration cache documentation

Ignore InvocationTargetExceptions in cause chain

Update expected hashes after `InstrumentingTransformer` version bump

Simplify test case

Do not publish normalized version of Tooling API Jar

This is declared as a separate publication to remove the timestamp

from the version. Gradle automatically creates a publish task

for this version. This should not be executed with the 'publish'

lifecycle task and hence we deactivate it.

We also no longer provide the local version for non-shaded Jars

where it is not used. Having the publication with a different version

leads to the following error during metadata generation:

'not able to resolve a dependency on a project with multiple

publications that have different coordinates.'

Fix formatting and style nits

Remove setting Test.rerun when in IDEA

since IDEA already makes sure the test is rerun.

Fix dead links

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Expose DaemonScanInfo to enterprise plugin

Merge pull request #13436 from gradle/am/cc/transforms

Fixes for running artifact transforms restored from the configuration cache

Bump lib count in distribution test

Add :enterprise to the full distribution and use that for its tests