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Make taskGraph.hasTask and taskGraph.allTasks.contains consistent

Clarify documentation for GradleConnector.disconnect()

Add test that shows builds running from CLI are not stopped

Add file system watching as release feature

Merge pull request #13006 from gradle/vv/pass-credentials-to-external-tool-via-stdin

Add a sample showing how credentials can be passed to an external tool via stdin

Merge pull request #13094 from gradle/vv/use-lazy-tasks-api-in-best-practices-groovy-snippets

Use lazy task APIs in best practices Groovy snippets

Merge pull request #13091 from gradle/bamboo/ie/serialize-Task-doNotCacheIf-specs

Serialize `Task.doNotCacheIf` specs to the instant execution cache

Merge pull request #13068 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/subst

Add missing `withVfsRetention()`

Remove `XCTestDependenciesIntegration` from `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution`

Revert retry-plugin 1.1.5

Add .forUseAtConfigurationTime() for credential properties evaluated at configuration time

Merge branch 'master' into vv/pass-credentials-to-external-tool-via-stdin

Use lazy task APIs in best practices Groovy snippets

Add `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution(FLAKY)` to flaky instant execution test

The order of tasks differs sometimes.

The difference is most likely due to instant execution allowing the dependencies

of `f` to run in parallel with `a`, sometimes some dependency of `f` will finish

before `a`.

Move credentials sample to credentials handling category

Merge branch 'master' into vv/pass-credentials-to-external-tool-via-stdin

Fix AndroidPerformanceTest

Fix smoke test

Ignore failing XCTestDependenciesIntegrationTest for now

Use test retry plugin 1.1.5 in smoke test

Publish 6.4-20200511233058+0000

Merge pull request #13092 from gradle/am/ie/more-sys-prop-reads

Add scope information to listener types

Merge pull request #13089 from gradle/bamboo/ie/serialize-Task-cacheIf-specs

Serialize `Task.cacheIf` specs to the instant execution cache

Rename `o.g.a.i.lambdas.{Lambdas => SerializableLambdas}`

Skip `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` test with flaky iteration

As it's currently not possible to mark a single iteration matcher, for example,

`.*eachFile\\(Closure\\)`, flaky.

Let `CompilerForkUtils` pass serializable lambda to `doNotCacheIf`

Add `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` to `CopyTaskIntegrationSpec` test iterations

The offending iterations rely on unsupported API: eachFile, expand, filter and


Let `AbstractCopyTask` pass a serializable lambda to `doNotCacheIf`

Serialize `Task.doNotCacheIf` specs to the instant execution cache

Remove unused import