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Warn about HTTP git repositories

Merge pull request #12740 from gradle/vv/fix-samples-index

Declare css stylesheet directory input dependency for ascii doctor tasks

Merge pull request #12732 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/fingerprint/kotlin-scripts

Invalidate instant execution cache upon changes to Kotlin scripts

Recognize contributor

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Merge pull request #12733 from turansky/jetbrains-toolbox-icon

Add icon for JetBrains Toolbox and IntelliJ IDEA

Merge pull request #12628 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/start-watching-during-the-build

Start watching during the build

Merge pull request #12738 from gradle/jjohannes/jpms/rename

Rename 'modularClasspathHandling' to 'modularity'

Prove instant execution cache is invalidated upon changes to settings and init scripts

Bump to newer native platform snapshot

which allows setting the buffer size on Windows.

Add note about new properties to upgrading guide

Merge pull request #12736 from gradle/jjohannes/jpms/docs

Document Java Module support

Rewording, restructuring, clarifications

Addresses review comments.

Handle `update` atomically

Remove duplication

Add Javadoc to listeners

Declare css stylesheet directory input dependency for ascii doctor tasks

Remove leftover comment

Rename methods on `WatchingAwareVirtualFileSystem`

so that it is clear what is started and finished.

Rename { -> Atomic}SnapshotHierarchyReference

so it is clear that this is a replacement

for AtomicReference.

Extract snapshots when collecting nodes

this also allows to move the snapshot filter

right into the collector.

Clean up WatchRootUtil

Fix CacheLayout version for metadata

Handle watchFilter in base class

Simplify or move snippet tests that only run on Java 9+

Do not use finalizedBy in test

since it is not yet supported by instant


Remove `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` from `TaskTypeUpToDateIntegrationTest`

Rename 'modularClasspathHandling' to 'modularity' (samples)

Updates the wrapper to latest 6.4 nightly.

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Rename 'modularClasspathHandling' -> 'modularity'

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Use new 'mainClass' property of application plugin in samples and docs

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Fixes for samples