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Hide the output from Ant

Convert Checkstyle to use worker API

Test a different minor version of PMD

Some integration tests are already using 6.5.0 to detect version changes

Update code quality tools to latest version

Make sure the Ant builder and classpath jars are closed

Use worker API to execute PMD analysis

Remove use of PmdReports in action

Remove use of Task ant instance

Migrate PmdInvoker into Worker action like form

Remove use of Gradle logger

Inline variables only used once

Extract PmdParameters to separate class

Serialize intersection `PatternSet` instances to the instant execution cache.

This fixes an issue where the Java compilation task for a source set would attempt to compile non-Java source files found in the source set.

Publish 6.2-20200204001220+0000

Fix typo in javadoc

Add placeholder for 6.3 upgrade guide

Update release notes template

Recognize contributor

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Reset release notes

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Use jackson- 2.10.2. Fixes #12091 (#12096)

Use jackson- 2.10.2. Fixes #12091

Merge branch 'release'

Update wrapper to 6.2-rc-1

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Update wrapper to 6.2-rc-1

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Publish 6.2-rc-1

Fix QuickCheck for .teamcity kt files

Don't mark JVM crash as failure in Gradleception

Merge branch 'release'

Add missing release notes

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Increase timeout for DaemonInitialCommunicationFailureIntegrationSpec


This test kills the daemon and waits for daemon port to be available.

However, 10s seems not enough in some cases. Increase the timeout.