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Fix typo

Merge pull request #11543 from gradle/eskatos/kotlin-dsl/tapi-model-preserve-order

Let KotlinDslScriptsModelBuilder preserve classpath order

Merge pull request #11640 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/test-with-retention

Allow running integration tests with VFS retention enabled

Fix test

Add stage to run experimental VFS retention tests

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Merge branch 'master' into eskatos/kotlin-dsl/tapi-model-preserve-order

Fix duplicate UUID

20 has already been used for instant execution test coverage.

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Add a new task to run tests with VFS retention enabled

Disable one more failing test on EC2

Merge branch 'master' into eskatos/kotlin-dsl/tapi-model-preserve-order

Disable failed tests on EC2 agents for now

Test that transforms print > Transforming (#11628)

Test that transforms print > Transforming

Merge pull request #11598 from gradle/jjohannes/deprecate-alternative-jvm-plugins

Deprecate alternative JVM plugins

Merge branch 'master' into eskatos/kotlin-dsl/tapi-model-preserve-order

Merge pull request #11637 from gradle/bamboo/reviews/eskatos/kotlin-dsl/tapi-model-preserve-order

Apply review feedback

Add lenient version of ComponentMetadataDetails.addVariant() (#11565)

Merge pull request #11607 from gradle/eskatos/smoke/protobuf

Smoke test protobuf plugin

Polish `commonPrefixOf`

Compute max common index from max common prefix to avoid using intermediate

lists and favour expression body and immutable values over loops and mutability.

Polish `CommonListPrefixTest`

- Put complex arguments to `assertThat` on separate lines

Merge pull request #11586 from gradle/wolfs/architecture/more-memory

Increase heap for architecture tests

Rebaeline all performance tests

Most scenarios haven't been rebaselined since 4 month ago, which makes them

fragile because of the gradual performance regression. Rebaseline all of them.

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Ignore test for instant execution

Rebaseline JavaConfigurationPerformanceTest

Rebaseline performance scenarios

Rebaseline WorkerApiPerformanceTest

Lock up performance improvements

Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/long-path-linux-macos'"

This reverts commit 3f07cf1831a00f560e3fefd32ac850479d02e5db, reversing

changes made to 5c3e1e32fd88a893f7558443518bc84716054596.

Revert "Simplify test"

This reverts commit 9a484bc59cc3d9ff93425a90d18d76f9f4f41857.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/long-path-linux-macos'

* origin/lacasseio/long-path-linux-macos:

Allow command line to be shorten on macOS and Linux

Simplify test