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Rename `Report.activated` to `required`

Clean up build operation listeners added by `BuildEventsListenerRegistry` at the completion of a build.

Fixes a memory leak when using gradle-profiler caused by these listeners continuing to receive and queue events without forwarding them to anything, plus the leak caused by retaining the listeners themselves.

Revert auto bucket split

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Fix bucket provider

Fix ExcludeTestClassProvider

Fix too many buckets issue

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Fix too long build type name

Too long build type name causes TeamCity not working.

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Add -PincludeTestClasses=true and -PexcludeTestClasses=true

Otherwise it won't take effect.

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Fix cross version tests

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Automatically split TeamCity builds into buckets (#11468)

Previously, our TeamCity builds aren't distributed evenly, we want to shorten the feedback time by splitting builds into small buckets. This PR reads the build time data JSON genreated by [ci-health](

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Remove deprecation for getExecResult until getExecutionResult is stable

Add new property to DSL ref

Merge pull request #11675 from gradle/bamboo/release/ie/file-contents

Introduce API for tracking files used as build logic inputs

Polish `FileContents` javadoc

Fix javadoc tag placement

Buildship: remove unnecessary check for Usage attribute (#11677)

This was introduced after splitting up the JAVA_RUNTIME_JAR attribute.

However, the only important part here is to check for JAR, as class folders

are not supported.

This unnecessary limits reconfigurations of the classpath like here:

Let file contents provider have no value when underlying file provider has no value

Prove file is not treated as build logic input when its contents are read only by tasks

Improve docs of `FileContents` and related API

Move `FileContents` to `org.gradle.api.file`

Remove TODO

Introduce `providers.fileContents(file).getAsBytes()`

Invalidate instant execution cache based on hash code of input files

Instead of file content comparison.

Move `Improvements for plugin authors` higher in the release notes

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Introduce `providers.fileContents(regularFileProvider).getAsText()` API

Merge pull request #11667 from gradle/lacasseio/update-sample-plugin

Update sample plugin to fix execution flag on wrappers

Merge pull request #11670 from gradle/lacasseio/filter-fix

Always honor excludes when using JUnit platform

Fix NGTest exclude test filter

Add test for the exclude filter fix for JUnitPlatform

Update sample plugin to fix execution flag on wrappers