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Tweak comment about support for JDK12

Remove VERSION_14 for now

Refactor test dependency declarations for archunit

Add release notes and features for JDK13 support

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Use new version for Scala 2.12 in Play

Bump versions in build-init

Make codenarc happy

Handle 'Connection reset' as end-of-stream failures too

Avoid JDK13 aggressive whitespace trimming when using stripIndent

Update archunit to a version that supports JDK13

Ignore older versions of Gradle if they do not support the current JVM

Fix more stripIndent usages for JDK13

Support more possible JDK13 error messages

Adjust expected error message for JDK13

Adjust multi-line strings to work with both Groovy and JDK13 stripIndent methods

Add VERSION_13 and VERSION_14 to JavaVersion

Restrict support for JDK13 to versions after 5.6

Merge pull request #10241 from gradle/sg/60/upgrades

Upgrade to Groovy 2.5.8

Merge pull request #10219 from gradle/bamboo/deprecations/getSchema

Remove deprecated `ExtensionContainer.getSchema()`

Merge pull request #10206 from gradle/bamboo/deprecations/StartParameter

Remove deprecated `StartParameter.isRecompileScripts` and family

Merge pull request #10205 from gradle/bamboo/deprecations/DefaultFileCollectionFactory

Remove deprecated `DefaultFileCollectionFactory` constructor

Add note about Groovy upgrade to upgrade guide

bump commit for Gradleception performance tests

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Update sha256 for groovy-all

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lorinc/groovy-upgrade-258'

* origin/lorinc/groovy-upgrade-258:

Upgrade to final Groovy 2.5.8

Make FingerprinterFixture#outputFingerprinter private

Upgrade Gradle-all to 1.3-2.5.8-SNAPSHOT

Merge pull request #10240 from gradle/gh/deprecations/source-directory-set

Remove deprecated constructors from DefaultSourceDirectorySet

Merge pull request #10232 from gradle/wolfs/scheduling/finalizer-destroys

Fix destroyer task sometimes not being able to run

Adjust `SourceDistributionResolverIntegrationTest` not fail before a major release

By explicitly setting the minimum version to use for resolving the

source distribution to the previous major Gradle version in the test.

Update smoke tests for 6.0 compatibility

Use lambdas in DefaultPlanExecutor