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Fix type parameter for AbstractExecTask subtype Exec

Publish 5.6.1-20190826230032+0000

Fix dependency injection for class-based metadata rules

Merge pull request #10359 from alexleventer/dotcom-links

Dotcom links

Fix TeamCity Hygiene failures

New performance process (#10361)

This PR introduces new performance test process. See more details in

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Publish 5.6.1-20190825230025+0000

Realized component variants need to provide all attributes

Since this only affected the certain realized versions of variants, this

only caused incorrect result reporting.

Publish 5.6.1-20190824230038+0000

Update .com userguide links

Update .com footer links

Update .com header links

Publish 5.6.1-20190823234015+0000

Rebase to latest 6.0 nightly

#10348 has an influence on some of these performance scenarios.

(correcting 90e852d and 85933bb)

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Revert "Recognize contributor"

The changes were merged to release and will be available in Gradle 5.6.1

This reverts commit dc669f3192816d8769548f265d9fa41ee8813950.

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Remove use of Java 11 API from instant execution

Signed-off-by: Rodrigo B. de Oliveira <>

Recognize contributor

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enhanced test source folder detection for eclipse task. (#10320)

Fixes eclipse/buildship#909

Signed-off-by: Christian Dietrich <>

Publish 5.6.1-20190823130927+0000

Rebase performance tests with 5.7-20190812122716+0000 baseline

#10348 might have an influence on the performance of these scenarios.

Upgrade wrapper to 6.0 nightly

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Merge branch 'release'

Rebase performance tests with 5.7-20190722220035+0000 baseline

#10348 might have an influence on the performance of these scenarios.

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Merge pull request #10339 from gradle/eskatos/ie/it-santa-tracker

Integration test Santa Tracker with Instant Execution

Rebaseline to lock performance improvements

Publish 5.6.1-20190822230328+0000

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/issues/10323' into release

* origin/gh/issues/10323:

Clean up open file handle in properties test

Fix issue with properties object not being isolatable

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/regressions/archive-task-props' into release

* origin/sg/regressions/archive-task-props:

Setters for legacy properties backed by Property clear conventions


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/worker-api/no-isolation-classloader' into release

* origin/gh/worker-api/no-isolation-classloader:

Simplify buildscript classpath in composite test

Rename test project name for clarity

Clean up worker composite test

Ensure that no-isolation workers run with the classloader of the submitting thread

Temporarily use 5.6 as the baseline for Santa Tracker `assembleDebug` case.

This was scenario made faster when transform nodes for external files were accidentally not scheduled, at the cost of making the clean cache case much slower. These nodes are now scheduled again, making this scenario slower. Use 5.6 as the baseline to ensure this doesn't become worse than 5.6.