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Revert "Let Kotlin DSL resolver return given Java home"

This reverts commit 50f0c86b32d702a79d03b5b2a07c2086ec585173.

Document potential breaking change for Ivy publication

Restore tests now that repo is back

Repository available again and also mirrored for CI

Prefer `precompiled` spelling for consistency with the existing docs

Signed-off-by: Rodrigo B. de Oliveira <>

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Remove other package managers

Let Kotlin DSL resolver return given Java home

Resolves gradle/kotlin-dsl#1354

Use proper replacement tokens in release notes and template

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Re-initialise field on setClasspath

Without that change, it became illegal to do something like

`setClasspath(files(someFile, getClasspath())` which can be used to

prepend values to the classpath.

Fixes #8748

Temporary ignore of samples relying on spring repo

The repository is currently inaccessible.

Restore JavaExecHandleBuilder.classpath contract

The contract is to append the passed in parameters to the existing

classpath. This was broken in refactoring and instead would behave as if

JavaExecHandleBuilder.setClasspath had been called.

Issue #8748

Update Gradle wrapper to 5.3 RC2

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Revert "Run tests against JUnit 4.13-beta-2"

This reverts commit 05d0a7b3b44f29d01fac4a160e23999858c04851.

Make patchKotlinCompilerEmbeddable depend on classpathManifest (#8734)

This fixes

Previously, `:kotlinCompilerEmbeddable:patchKotlinCompilerEmbeddable` doesn't depends

on `:kotlinCompilerEmbeddable:classpathManifest`, which may result in the patched kotlin jar

not including classpath property files. This commit fixes this issue by making implicit dependencies.

Mention James Nelson in release notes

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Merge pull request #8229 from JamesXNelson/jxn/7398-fix-groovy-and-java-library-plugin-interaction

Issue #7398: Fix groovy + java-library plugin compatibility

Update test case to illustrate error

The test case used a String for the Java version, which works,

but in practice the attribute is an `Integer`. Coercion did the

magic, but if we use the _real_ type, it would have failed.

Fix class cast exception when serializing integer attributes

Hotfix for #8725

Clean up test code

Issue #7398

Fix filtering parameterized tests by category

Prior to this commit methods in parameterized test classes were not

checked for `@Category` annotations.

Resolves #8424.

Run tests against JUnit 4.13-beta-2

Update tagging plugin to 0.58

Update tagging plugin to 0.57

Fix test broken by == to equals change

Unfortunately the test used equals containers that were different


This commit fixes the test by using different containers.

Issue #8721

Prefer equals over ==

Usage of == is too dependent on the underlying implementation.

Issue #8721

Update javadoc to remove deprecated configurations

The javadoc of a number of core types were still using `compile` or

`runtime` configurations in their examples.

These have been moved to use `implementation`, `compileClasspath` or

similar based on the example.

Fixes #8714

Transform disambiguation with schema disambiguation

With this change, transform disambiguation now first leverages the

schema disambiguation rule.

Size based disambiguation only happens in a second phase if still


Fixes #8721

Fix handling of aborted containers with completed children

When a container `TestIdentifier` was reported as finished, we reported

all of its children as skipped, regardless whether they already had been

completed previously. Now, we only report unstarted children as skipped.

Resolves #8685.

Bump to latest nightly

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/kotlin-dsl/ktlint' into release

* origin/sg/kotlin-dsl/ktlint:

Disable ktlint for generated code for now