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Do not set compiler workers fork options when isolation mode != PROCESS

Record accepted breaking changes since version

instead of recording the breaking changes for a version. This has the

advantage that the test doesn't need to be a adapted on branching or

when releasing a new version.


Merge pull request #2365 from gradle/sw/architecture/breaking-change

Test binary compatibility on each commit

Ensure all accepted breakages still exist

Move public API definition to own file

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Use separate file for accepted changes

Merge pull request #2366 from gradle/sw/gradle-build/no-changing-developer-build

Update version for developer builds only once a day

Update version for developer builds only once a day

In order to improve incrementalness for developer builds

(i.e. more tasks should be up-to-date) we only update the version

once a day.

Test binary compatibility on each commit

We add a test which checks if the public API of the current version is

binary compatible to the last released version.

Currently, this test lives in `distributions` until it has found a

better home. We could also run this test as part of sanity check since

it is pretty fast (6s).

The public API definition has been extracted to the root build script.

It could be nice to have the definition in a place where the test

could easily load it without going through using system properties.

Merge pull request #2361 from gradle/so/performance/script-classloading

Isolate script plugins from target's classloader

Isolate script plugins from target's classloader

Script plugins were unintentionally using the classloader scope of their target

as their parent scope. This means that types were leaking in the wrong direction

and that these script plugins were loaded many times (once per target) instead of


In an especially severe situation this caused the script plugin to force resolution

of the parent scope too early, leading to a wrong script classloader cache key and

thus reloading that script on every single build. This increased configuration time

of a 250 project build by several seconds.

Script plugins now use the base scope of their target as their parent scope,

properly isolating the two and fixing the performance issue above.

Merge pull request #2359 from gradle/lp/asciidoc-userguide/next-batch

Next batch of Asciidoc userguide

Quote `<<` in build java libraries doc

Correct emphasis in antlr asciidoc

Convert compare builds docs

Set Perm space back to 128m

There was a problem where I had a jvmargs setting in my


Fix the

Sorry! :(

Add heap dump on OOM

Bump PermGen to 256m

Merge branch 'release'

Add build types for subprojects

Convert command-line docs to asciidoc (#2351)

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Convert CodeNarc docs

Convert Checkstyle docs

Convert Java libraries docs

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Convert build scripts tutorial

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Convert build lifecycle docs

Convert build init docs

Convert build environment docs

Convert build dashboard plugin docs