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Merge branch 'master' into pm/plugins-dsl/script-plugins

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Ensure xctest plugin behave properly on non macOS system (#3032)

Merge pull request #3004 from gradle/dl/xctest-xcode

Add XCTest integration with Xcode

Optimize pattern in test fixture to avoid stack overflow during match

Add annotations to account for the nullability of extra properties

UnknownPropertyExtension != existing null extra property

Already covered in ExtraPropertiesExtensionTest


Use @InputFiles on information file

Use addTarget vs reaching into getTargets

Consolidate xcode configuration names into one place

Assert environment checks in build vs xcode fixture

Fix sanity check build

Assert only one daemon is used

Fix typo in binary compatibility json

Accept binary compatibility change

Address code review comments

Make ignore failures always an input (#3042)

Custom verification tasks should also have ignoreFailures as an input.

Improve `JacocoPluginExtension#applyTo` type signature

By mentioning the type parameter `T` in the parameter list so it can be

inferred by a capable compiler.


Improve cacheability of binary compatibility check

Using the timestamped version in the title broke

cacheability, since we never had a cache hit. Let's just use `-SNAPSHOT`

for now.

Set binary compatibility baseline to 4.2

4.2 has been released!

Mention contributor in release notes

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Use JaCoCo 0.7.9 by default (#2892)

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Use PortAllocator in http script tests (#3040)


Make bootclasspath a compile classpath

Originally we used `@Classpath` because of performance considerations, but that would prevent different OS versions of the same ABI-compatible JARs to be successfully recognized as compatible.

Remove unnecessary modifiers and semicolons

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Expect one more deprecation due to CompileOptions.bootClasspath

Fix regression regarding implicit working directory for Gcc linker (#3020)

Run test only on Oracle JDK

Address code review comments

Do not run test on Java 9

Do not override o.g.integtest.versions with default if it is already set

The value is also set in crossVersionTest.gradle

Relocatable -bootclasspath for Java compilation (#3002)

CompileOptions.bootClasspath is a single string, which is now replaced with a proper FileCollection property called bootstrapClasspath.