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Added another direct dependency that used to leak from elsewhere.

Added some direct dependencies for internal-integ-testing project that used to leak via internal-testing and no longer do.

Make fields final.

Add nullable.

Changed the way that the target configuration for a project dependency is calculated, to always select only from the configurations of the target project that have attributes attached, regardless of whether the consumer has defined any attributes or not. Fall back to `default` only when the target project has no configurations with attributes defined.

This introduces a breaking change when consuming the output of a project with the Java plugin applied from a project that does not have the Java plugin applied. Previously, the `default` configuration would be selected, now the `runtimeElements` configuration is selected. However, this is consistent with the case where the consuming project is also using the Java plugin or is using the Android plugin. It also means that custom configurations in these projects will select the same thing as the runtime classpath configuration.

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Added `MultipleCandidatesDetails.getConsumerValue()` to allow an attribute disambiguation rule to select the best match based on the consumer's value, if any.

Merged release into master.

Merge pull request #2233: parallel execution of included builds

- Included builds are now executed in parallel by default

- A delegate task is no longer executed when executing task in an included build

Fixed test for changes to artifact resolution build operations.

Rewrite code to avoid compilation error when Groovy is compiling with JDK 9

Workaround for runtime error with Jigsaw+Groovy

Bump cglib in `buildSrc` too

Upgrade to cglib 3.2.5

Those changes are required to execute tests on Java 9, otherwise mocking fails,

because those frameworks like Gradle relied on APIs which are now closed.

Fix another instance of `defineClass` that wasn't Java 9 compatible

Bump wrapper to support Java 9 pipeline

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Merge branch 'release'

Ignore ci properties for distribution tests

Don't attempt to resolve asynchronously an artifact that has already been resolved in the current build invocation and whose result is already known in memory.

This avoids unnecessary synchronization overhead to run a build operation that effectively is a no-op, generates much less garbage, and delivers a more useful stream of build events to the build user.

Added a new type `ResolveableArtifact` to use instead of public `ResolvedArtifact` when resolving and visiting the artifacts of a dependency resolution result.

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Fix double increment

Attempt to make OutputScrapingExecutionResult more tolerant of interleaved task output

Moved core included-build types into separate packages

- org.gradle.initialization.[Configurable]IncludedBuild -> org.gradle.includedbuild.[Configurable]IncludedBuild

- org.gradle.initialization.includedbuild.* -> org.gradle.includedbuild.internal.*

Better names

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Renamed `TaskDependencyGraph` -> `TaskInfoFactory`

Implement exponential backoff for cross-process file locking

Merge branch 'release'

Merge pull request #2230 from gradle/sw/gradle-build/build-cache-coverage-phase

Add jvm vendor as an input for test tasks

Fix missing @since and @Incubating annotation

Use JavaInstallationProbe to detect Java vendor

Add Java vendor as an input for compile and test tasks

In the coverage phase we use different Java vendors.

Therefore, we need to track the vendor if we want to use the build cache.