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Use public API for WEB-INF in War task

Using the private addChild is slightly more convenient,

but serves as a bad example for the community on how to

use CopySpecs.

We should consider doing this for all usages of the method

or alternatively make addChild public to make the public API

as convenient.

Revert "Ignore msbuild based tests for the embedded executor"

This reverts commit 48186c8809421182dbded29256dc4af5df6cd1ee.

Merge pull request #5271 from gradle/sg/native/msbuild-less

Ignore msbuild based tests for the embedded executor

Bump to latest nightly

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Ignore msbuild based tests for the embedded executor

For some reason, this causes msbuild to take several minutes to execute Gradle

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/lazy/test'

* origin/sg/lazy/test:

Restore test.single behavior when no classes match the pattern

Add docs for deprecations of Test system properties

Avoid realizing test task for Java and Groovy plugins

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    • +8
Merge pull request #5250 from gradle/oehme/performance/buildsrc-plugins

Add plugin registry for buildSrc plugins

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/lazy/more-stats'

* origin/sg/lazy/more-stats:

Add better task statistics

Merge pull request #5200 from gradle/bamboo/nested-afterEvaluate

Honor nested `afterEvaluate` requests

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    • +35
Merge pull request #5242 from gradle/wolfs/dogfood-ifc-with-tree

Dogfood immutable file collection

Mention `afterEvaluate` change in the release notes

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Merge branch 'master'

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    • +54
Merge pull request #5245 from gradle/oehme/apt/clean-generated

Delete stale generated sources on full recompiles

Merge pull request #5224 from gradle/bamboo/async-buildScan-buildFinished

Wait for async processes to configure the `buildScan` extension

Add integration test for empty packages

Increase SecurityManagerIntegrationTest timeout to 120s

Address review comments

Add test for POM DSL using Kotlin DSL

Original Issue: #3348

Merge pull request #5246 from gradle/marc/issues/5244-distribution-publishing-docs

Document how to publish distributions using Maven/Ivy Publish Plugins

Merge pull request #5243 from gradle/oehme/uri-text-resource

Add support for URI-backed text resources

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Make Distribution Plugin chapter more consistent with other chapters

- Replace task tables with description lists

- Inline list of added tasks

- Add paragraph before sample

- Increase readability of code blocks that reference project variables

Merge pull request #5248 from gradle/marc/issues/5094-document-pom-dsl

Document POM customization DSL, add complete Maven publishing sample, and remove superfluous model blocks

Synchronize access to the mutable project model when building the local component metadata to share across build boundaries. Previously, multiple threads could be attempting to query the outgoing artifacts of a project concurrently, triggering a bunch of lazy mutations to the project model concurrently.

This change reuses the infrastructure used in other parts of dependency resolution to allow safe access to the project state during parallel resolution. This infrastructure should eventually be used by all infrastructure (e.g. task graph construction, IDE model building, publishing, etc) that reaches across project boundaries, but isn't yet.

Try a newer commit to compare between Gradle releases

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Add better task statistics

Sort the task types by the number of tasks realized/eagerly created

Record the task types of lazy tasks that are realized

Merge pull request #5081 from pledbrook/idea-import-doc

Point users to IDEA's import feature in IDEA plugin chapter

Rename nested function for clarity

Increase timeout to 90s

Restore test.single behavior when no classes match the pattern