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Fix WorkerExecutorFixture

Merge branch 'master' into lptr/execution/deprecation-warnings-for-validation-warnings

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Fix Worker API test tasks

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Add better tests for ExecOperations in worker actions

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Properties are rehydrated with the proper provided type

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Ensure that no-isolation workers run with the classloader of the submitting thread

This fixes a problem where, in a composite build, a worker can get a context

classloader set to a classloader from another project, which causes a class

mismatch when we attempt to re-hydrate a legacy runnable class in AdapterWorkAction.

We now ensure that the context classloader for no-isolation workers get set

to the context classloader of the thread that submitted the work.

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Rename WorkerExecution to WorkAction, WorkerParameters to WorkParameters

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Refactor worker api to support WorkQueue API

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Use a ConfigurableFileCollection for classpath in worker specs

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Update worker api test coverage to use typed parameter api

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Include worker failures in build operation

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Extract WorkerExecutorFixture to enable reuse

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