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Use Java 8 syntax for copy-like tasks

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Replace remaining usages of FileSystemSnapshotter

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Support Providers in manifest attributes

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Update application plugin to use lambdas and use new Provider API methods

Restore old behavior of distribution plugin validation

Use Provider API in Distribution plugin too

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Use lambdas and avoid use of deprecated archive APIs

Remove use of deprecated API

Remove use of deprecated APIs in PluginBuilder

Replace use of archiveName with archiveFileName

Avoid more deprecated APIs

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Fix test under Windows

Add replacements for BasePlugin.libsDir BasePlugin.distsDir

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Fix duplicate classes on classpath using test fixtures

This commit works around duplicate classes found on compile

and runtime test classpath whenever the "test fixtures"

plugin is used.

This is due to the fact the Java plugin systematically adds

the main source set output to the test compile and runtime

classpath. But if we have test fixtures, they themselves

depend on the main component, so it ends up adding them

twice, possibly once as a jar and once as a class directory.

Fixes #10872

Document java extension in java plugin

* Includes moving things out of the convention content

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Add JavaPluginExtension to DSL docs

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Start using explicit deprecation message checks

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Make Javadoc and sources primary variants without dependencies

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Configure Javadoc and sources separately and create tasks only on demand

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Integration test coverage for resolving Java 'documentation' variants

Documentation variants are always marked as optional

Otherwise, they would be extended by 'default' in ivy metadata.

Remove pointless test

This ancient test was now running a build with "--parallel" but with

only a single project (where --parallel has no effect).

Add Javadoc and Sources variants by default

This makes the Java (Library) plugin add these variants for the

main and for optional features.

- Separate 'javadoc' tasks are now automatically registered for

all optional features based on separate source sets

- jar tasks for Javadoc and Sources are registered for main source set

and each optional feature source set

- The variants are published via an opt-in on the plugin extension:


Make feature dependencies available on test classpath

Whenever a feature uses the main source set, it makes

sense to expose its dependencies to the test compile

and runtime classpath too, because the feature is tested

"together with" the main source set.

Fixes #10778

Warn on publication of non transitive variant

This is effectively not supported in any of the published format.

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Add validation at publication time

This commit introduces validation when generating Gradle

Module Metadata:

- check that there's at least one variant published

- each variant must have at least one attribute

- there shouldn't be duplicate variant names

- each variant must have a different (attributes,capabilities)


Closes #10736

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Use instantiator for DSL objects created through SoftwareComponentFactory

To have a better and consistent DSL experience when using:

component.addVariantsFromConfiguration(...) { ... }

component.withVariantsFromConfiguration(...) { ... }

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Reduce duplicated Windows tests

Make sure the classpath is too long

Provide a meaningful name for the long classpath file in test

Refactor JavaExecHandleBuilder to shorten arguments

- Add backdoor to shorten on an arbitrary command-line length so we can test on mac/Linux

- Reduce command-line arguments without parsing argument list

- Test project.javaexec too

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Fix compilation error

Change information message when shortening the command line

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