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Change the implementation of `DeserializationInstantiator` so that services and other Gradle-provided state is injected into the instances it creates, to match the state that is injected into the instances created by the `Instantiator` for the same instantiation scheme.

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Generate a display name for nested objects that are created for managed properties.

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Include some information about the owning task or extension object in the display name for a managed `Property<T>` instance.

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Generate a basic display name for `Property` instances created as the value for a read-only managed property. Use the display name in 'this property has no value' error messages to help with problem diagnosis.

The display name could include some more context, could be used in more error messages, and be applied to more things. This commit is simply an incremental improvement and later changes will improve diagnostics further.

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Move some classes around to bust up a package cycle.

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