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Remove many direct dependencies on 'launcher', as this is an entry point project and so does not (or should not) have any kind of API to compile against.

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IDs are advertised for [build invocation, workspace, user] to allow cross referencing invocations and linking invocations of the same user and workspace (#1963)

This commit also adds TaskStateInternal.getOriginBuildId() that advertises the ID of the build that produced the outputs that will be reused for the UP_TO_DATE and FROM_CACHE outcomes.

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Fixed output when using continuous build and quiet logging together, and added some test coverage for such a thing.

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Retry continuous build integration tests on timeout

If a build takes longer in rare random cases we assume that to be

caused by a situation on the build agent. Hence we give the test

another chance to succeed in time.

This also changes `ContinuousBuildToolingApiSpecification` to throw a

timeout exception instead of failing in a cryptic way.

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Ensure that we wait for quiet period in integTest

For continuous build tests that verify detection of changes _during_

build execution, we need to ensure that the build waits long enough

for the changes to be notified. This wait is based on the quiet-period

for file change detection.

Flaky test: gradle/gradle-private#529

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Move JDWPUtil to integ test sources

This way we have the tools.jar dependency

only for the integration test configuration local to the

launcher project and it doesn't pollute the whole project

via test fixtures

+review REVIEW-6330

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Renamed test fixture method to make it much clearer what the method does, and why you might not want to call it.

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Use Thread.sleep instead of DGM.sleep

- DGM.sleep implementation might not behave nicely when time leaps

because of clock adjustment

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Removed TestPrecondition.JDK7_OR_LATER

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Use `--full-stacktrace` instead of `--stacktrace`

- in AbstractContinuousIntegrationTest, helps in investigating

flaky tests. There was a recent failure where necessary stack frames

had been removed.

+review REVIEW-5860

Fix output parsing in AbstractContinuousIntegrationTest

- parsing of multiple results caused test failures when there

was output after a "Waiting for changes to input files of tasks..."


- this cause flaky test failures because Play integ tests some times

log "[info] play - Listening for HTTP on /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:XXXXX"

after the waiting for changes line.

+review REVIEW-5855

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Split multiple results at different boundary

- split at the end of the "Waiting for changes" line

+review REVIEW-5788

Bump the shutdown timeout to 20s for continuous integration tests

+review REVIEW-5827

Revert "Added some additional logging to diagnose flakey test"

The additional logging indicates that Gradle is successfully shutting down, just not within

the 10 second timeout. Removing this logging, and I'll bump the shutdown timeout to 20s.

This reverts commit 7914519f27e970fd06d7ed4167961d96ac8af1e9.

+review REVIEW-5827

Added some additional logging to diagnose flakey test


Increase continuous integration test timeout on pull request builds

Fix test failure on MacOSX

- make test build execution take at least 3 seconds on MacOSX

+review REVIEW-5709

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Add support for inspecting results of multiple build executions

+review REVIEW-5709

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Support testing changes happening during build

- wait until latest build finishes

+review REVIEW-5709

Removing unnecessary method call

+review REVIEW-5714

Further simplification of JDWPUtil test fixture

+review REVIEW-5714

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Switching JDWP implementation to builtin JDI support to see if that eliminates resume failures.

+review REVIEW-5714

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Some minor cleanup of JDWPUtil

+review REVIEW-5714

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Changing JDWPUtil to a test rule to ensure that resources are cleaned up after test run.

+review REVIEW-5714

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Changing JDWP resume command to check the response and retry if there's a failure.

+review REVIEW-5714

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Fixing debug integration test on java 9

+review REVIEW-5668

Change debug integration test to resume the VM rather than rely on killing the process.

This avoids some of the process management issues on windows that were causing builds

to hang.

+review REVIEW-5668

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Add feature for ignoring shutdown timeout in tests

- in AbstractContinuousIntegrationTest

attempt to stabilize SmokeContinuousIntegrationTest

- make sure file modification time changes on Windows

- add minimum 100ms delay before modification

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add 100ms minimum delay to continuous build tests

- attempt to stabilize occasionally breaking tests

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