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Replace several more usages of direct `FileCollection` implementation instantiation with a factory method.

Remove/deprecate a couple of `FileCollection` implementations, as these can now be replaced with public API factory methods instead.

The deprecation is intended to be tempory, until the play plugin can be updated to use public APIs instead, then the implementation will be removed.

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Report the chain of properties from which a mapped `Provider` has come from, when the value is missing.

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When a property has no value, include the chain of properties from which the value is derived in the error message.

This is intended to help with diagnostics, as the user can see where the value should have come from. In this change, the diagnostics only works when `Property<T>` instances are connected together directly, stopping at the first `Provider<T>` which is not such a type.

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Do not publish stale signature files

This commit fixes the publication of stale signature files:

prior to this change it was possible that a signature generated

in a previous build for a different artifact was uploaded even

if no signature was generated during the build, which would

lead to inconsistent publications.

In addition, it makes it an error to publish something which

doesn't have the main artifact created (or, at least up-to-date)

in this build. In other words, if the task which generates the

main artifact is disabled, it's an error to publish.

Other stale artifacts are going to be ignored.

Fixes #5136

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Normalize include paths when necessary

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Normalize include paths

Absolute paths which enter the virtual file system need to be


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Address more review feedback

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Use a virtual file system everywhere

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Replace remaining usages of FileSystemSnapshotter

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Fail rather than emitting a deprecation warning when the value of a `Property` typed task property is changed after the task starts execution.

Also include the property display name, if attached, in the 'cannot change the value' error messages.

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Attach a display name to the value of `Property` typed properties for decorated types.

In this commit, this is applied only to read-only properties with non-final getters.

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Fix NativeBasePluginTest to not use outdated API

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Fix tests

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Specialize getBinaries from XCTest components

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Remove some empty lines

Wrap the patternSet

Instead of using a strategy.

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Do not use PatternSet in snapshots package

Use a pluggable type instead.

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Add support and test coverage for Swift 5

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Use public services in native plugins to construct `FileCollection` instances, rather than using internal `FileOperations`.

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Remove unnecessary constructor argument

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Differentiate between artifacts that are dirs/zips

- Add artifactType attributes to the api configuration and published


- Recognize directory artifacts and add explicit artifactType (instead

of "")

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Convert cpp headers zip handling to artifact transform

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Remove `getUsage` from `UsageContext`

This `Usage` is an artifact of migration. `UsageContext` is mostly representing

what an outgoing published variant is, but this `Usage` is preventing us from

doing smarter things. What we really care about is the attributes of published

variants, and their name for publication.

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Address code review comment

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Revert `SwiftTargetMachine` to `SwiftPlatform`

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Revert `CppTargetMachine` to `CppPlatform`

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Spelling (#8199)

Fix several spelling issues.

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Move Swift source compatibility to `SwiftTargetMachine` on `SwiftBinary`

This commit still doesn't consider the source compatibility when

selecting the tool chain.

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Break association between current and software model type

Move `NativePlatform` getter to internal type.

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spelling: resolvable

Signed-off-by: Josh Soref <>

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