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Merge branch 'master' into eskatos/cc/application

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Change `AbstractIntegrationSpec` to fail when a test runs a build that fails with more than one exception and does not verify the number of exceptions in the failure using `assertHasFailures()`.

This is to avoid additional exceptions unintentionally being introduced, for example when a failure starts being thrown because of configuration cache problems alongside the expected failure.

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Address compiler warnings in 'javascript' subproject

Force AbstractTestDirectoryProvider to use Class (#12431)


This PR adds `className` to `AbstractTestDirectoryProvider` so there'll be no more `unknown-test-class`.

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Simplify the contract for 'single request' and 'mult-request' worker process clients and server implementations.

Previously, the contract used reflection to allow arbitrary methods to be called on the client and implemented in the server. However, all of the actual implementations had a single object in object out method. So, in this commit remove the reflection and support just a single 'run' method.

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Fix tasks and plugins that were using Task.project at execution time

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Specify in method signature the Gradle version when a feature will be deprecated

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Require deprecation timeline to be specified when building a deprecation message

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Improve documented deprecation warning assertions

Allow using /current/ in the documentation path in the assertion. This will make it easier to read/verify the documentation linked to, while actually asserting against the current version behind the scenes.

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Require documentation or explicit undocumented() when nagging of deprecations

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Add upgrade guide link for javascript plugin deprecations

Add fluent plugin deprecation message builder

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Replace nagUserWith(builder) usages with builder.nagUser()

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Move DeprecationLogger to internal.deprecation package

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Extract plugin deprecation message assembly

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Rename @FailsWithInstantExecution to @ToBeFixedForInstantExecution

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Annotate integ tests failing with instant execution in :javascript

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Update integration tests to expect deprecation messages

Deprecate unmaintained plugins

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Adjust tests and samples to new metadata sources defaults

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Remove an unnecessary `@IgnoreIf` from a bunch of tests.

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Changed a bunch of integration tests to use the various task assertion methods instead of directly querying the `executedTasks` and `skippedTasks` collections. These methods can give better diagnostics when the assertion fails, and can perform additional checks.

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Add missing @Override to all modules

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Use HTTPS for GoogleAPIs repository

spelling: javascript

Signed-off-by: Josh Soref <>

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Move some internal types back to their original package.

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Moved a bunch of dynamic object related types from core to live in modelCore.

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Do not discard task execution failure when a `afterTask` handler fails. Instead, report both failures in the build outcome.

Also wrap `beforeTask` and `afterTask` failures in a contextual "task failed" exception.

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Override path sensitivity for `source` in subclasses

We won't change `SourceTask`s default path sensitivity, so let's change

all the subclasses where we know the path sensitivity.

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Add path sensitivity to play tasks

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