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Fix timestamps in log

Clean up IvyPublication and publish more information to ivy.xml metadata

This cleans up the implementation of `populateFromComponent()` and

introduces the following changes that publish information which

was lossy before:

- Artifacts are now added to all configurations they belong to and

not just the first found

- Dependencies are now added for all configurations they belong to,

with the corresponding mapping and version, and

not just for the first found

- For a Java library, this means the 'runtime' now represents the full

runtime variant of the library (before, only 'default' represented


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Avoid JDK13 aggressive whitespace trimming when using stripIndent

Adjust multi-line strings to work with both Groovy and JDK13 stripIndent methods

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Inline org.gradle.testing.internal.util.Specification

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Replace 'Matchers' with 'CoreMatchers'

So we do not require 'org.hamcrest:hamcrest-library' as additional

dependency anymore. Which was only available for most of the tests

because it leaked onto the test compile classpath.

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Do not use Maven libraries for publishing with `maven-publish`

The use of aether and other Maven libraries was problematic:

- Static state forced us to prohibit concurrent publishing tasks

- It was difficult to control/understand the generated `maven-metadata.xml` files

- Multiple layers of indirection Gradle->Maven->Gradle->Maven made the code

difficult to comprehend and modify

Publishing of snapshot modules is not yet working. This will come in a

subsequent commit.

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Remove repositories mirror and flags to avoid confusion

Use HTTPS mirror in `JavaProcessStackTracesMonitorSpec`

Change `BlockingHttpServer` test fixture so that client reads the entire response from the server.

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
Remove some duplication from the logic that sets up logging to the console.

Also simplify some of the console functional tests.

  1. … 25 more files in changeset.
Change `BlockingHttpServer` fixture to return a 400 response rather than 500 response when an unexpected HTTP request is received. Also improve diagnostic messages for certain kinds of failures.

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Fix JUnitPlatformTestRewriterTest

Re-enable a test.

Ignore flaky BlockingHttpServerTest for now

Change `BlockingHttpServer.stop()` to wait for all current requests to complete before collecting failures, so as to not miss failures that are happening at the same time that the test calls `stop()`.

Also some tweaks to error messages.

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Tweak the API of `BlockingHttpServer` and fix some flakiness in its error reporting.

Also replace the remaining usages of `CyclicBarrierHttpServer` with `BlockingHttpServer`.

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Rework `BlockingHttpServer` API to separate expected HTTP request from the action that should be performed when the request is received. Also remove usages of `HttpExchange` from tests (but not fixtures) as this is an internal detail of the fixture.

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Move serialization of the exception to send back to the client out of the `BuildActionRunner` implementations so that it is a cross cutting concern applied for all build actions.

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Improve error handling for tooling model invocations, so that any failure to build a model or run a client provided action is always treated as a build failure. Previously, some failures were ignored by error reporting.

Add a bunch of test coverage for TAPI error handling.

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Report both failures when a `buildFinished` handler fails on a broken build.

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Fix failed JavaProcessStackTracesMonitorSpec

Verify tests running in modular Java can access SLF4j

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Generate a settings file for integTests that don't define one

Instead of `AbstractGradleExecuter` relying on a magic system property to

effectively enable `--no-search-upward`, an empty settings file is instead

generated when none is defined for an integration test build.

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Introduce separate package for execution plan

This is the code that does not depend on tasks.

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Stop using "task" to refer to nodes in the execution plan

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Simplify BuildOperationNotificationListenerRegistrar

Only keep the method used by build scan plugin 2.0, which is the minimum

version required for Gradle 5.0+.

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Shorten samples integ test temp dir path

to prevent long path issues on Windows

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Remove deprecated Class.newInstance() (#6496)

`Class.newInstance()` was deprecated in Java 9.

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Ignore JavaProcessStackTracesMonitorSpec test for now


We've observed some timeout of JavaProcessStackTracesMonitorSpec.can print all threads of all running JVM by jstack.

Let's ignore this test for now to make sure the timeout isn't caused by itself.