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Fix tests on Windows

Rewrite JavaProcessStackTracesMonitor in Java

Previously we ran into some issues when invoking JavaProcessStackTracesMonitor

from LifecyclePlugin "can't resolve dependencies in non-Gradle-managed thread".

Now we rewrite it in Java and remove all dependencies so it can be invoked directly.

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Upgrade JUnit version (#12924)

Upgrade JUnit to 4.13, JUnit platform to 5.6.2

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Force AbstractTestDirectoryProvider to use Class (#12431)


This PR adds `className` to `AbstractTestDirectoryProvider` so there'll be no more `unknown-test-class`.

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Fix unit test

Fix timestamps in log

Clean up IvyPublication and publish more information to ivy.xml metadata

This cleans up the implementation of `populateFromComponent()` and

introduces the following changes that publish information which

was lossy before:

- Artifacts are now added to all configurations they belong to and

not just the first found

- Dependencies are now added for all configurations they belong to,

with the corresponding mapping and version, and

not just for the first found

- For a Java library, this means the 'runtime' now represents the full

runtime variant of the library (before, only 'default' represented


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Avoid JDK13 aggressive whitespace trimming when using stripIndent

Adjust multi-line strings to work with both Groovy and JDK13 stripIndent methods

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Inline org.gradle.testing.internal.util.Specification

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Replace 'Matchers' with 'CoreMatchers'

So we do not require 'org.hamcrest:hamcrest-library' as additional

dependency anymore. Which was only available for most of the tests

because it leaked onto the test compile classpath.

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Do not use Maven libraries for publishing with `maven-publish`

The use of aether and other Maven libraries was problematic:

- Static state forced us to prohibit concurrent publishing tasks

- It was difficult to control/understand the generated `maven-metadata.xml` files

- Multiple layers of indirection Gradle->Maven->Gradle->Maven made the code

difficult to comprehend and modify

Publishing of snapshot modules is not yet working. This will come in a

subsequent commit.

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Remove repositories mirror and flags to avoid confusion

Use HTTPS mirror in `JavaProcessStackTracesMonitorSpec`

Change `BlockingHttpServer` test fixture so that client reads the entire response from the server.

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Remove some duplication from the logic that sets up logging to the console.

Also simplify some of the console functional tests.

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Change `BlockingHttpServer` fixture to return a 400 response rather than 500 response when an unexpected HTTP request is received. Also improve diagnostic messages for certain kinds of failures.

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Fix JUnitPlatformTestRewriterTest

Re-enable a test.

Ignore flaky BlockingHttpServerTest for now

Change `BlockingHttpServer.stop()` to wait for all current requests to complete before collecting failures, so as to not miss failures that are happening at the same time that the test calls `stop()`.

Also some tweaks to error messages.

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Tweak the API of `BlockingHttpServer` and fix some flakiness in its error reporting.

Also replace the remaining usages of `CyclicBarrierHttpServer` with `BlockingHttpServer`.

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Rework `BlockingHttpServer` API to separate expected HTTP request from the action that should be performed when the request is received. Also remove usages of `HttpExchange` from tests (but not fixtures) as this is an internal detail of the fixture.

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Move serialization of the exception to send back to the client out of the `BuildActionRunner` implementations so that it is a cross cutting concern applied for all build actions.

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Improve error handling for tooling model invocations, so that any failure to build a model or run a client provided action is always treated as a build failure. Previously, some failures were ignored by error reporting.

Add a bunch of test coverage for TAPI error handling.

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Report both failures when a `buildFinished` handler fails on a broken build.

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Fix failed JavaProcessStackTracesMonitorSpec

Verify tests running in modular Java can access SLF4j

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Generate a settings file for integTests that don't define one

Instead of `AbstractGradleExecuter` relying on a magic system property to

effectively enable `--no-search-upward`, an empty settings file is instead

generated when none is defined for an integration test build.

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Introduce separate package for execution plan

This is the code that does not depend on tasks.

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