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Make it possible to use an ecosystem describer in more cases

Before this commit the describer would only be used if the same set of attributes

was found. This means that if the consumer added, or removed, one attribute, we

would lose the benefit of better user error messages. With this change, we try

to find the _best matching_ describer, if any.

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Improve variant matching error messages

Error messages prove to be difficult to interpret from a user point of

view. This commit tries to improve the situation by doing a couple of


1. describing more clearly what the consumer is asking for. This includes,

when possible (currently only in the Java ecosystem), interpreting the

consumer attributes as a human-readable description, instead of a raw

list of attributes.

2. giving more context when possible. In particular, sometimes we fail

with an ambiguous variant error selection, but we only list the remaining

candidates, not listing the ones which were actually discarded during

selection. This proved to be particularly complex to debug from various

users (plugin authors and end-users).

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Rewrite section on component metadata rules (#10735)

The section was written when the very first version of rules was

introduced and since then only marginally updated.

This is a complete rewrite of the section focusing on explaining

all the metadata modeling features of Gradle Module Metadata

which can be utilized in rules to enrich existing metadata.

The features are described on using real-world use cases.

Related sections are also updated where applicable.

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To avoid confusion, remove mention of "platform" from "target Java platform"

We already have the "Java Platform" plugin which is something quite

different from the concept we want to express when using "target java platform".

This is more often known as the "JVM version", or "target Java version". We

use "JVM" because this is not specific to Java.

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Fix userguide sample output

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