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Dedupe shared identity handling

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Dedupe `sharedIdentities` handling

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Prove value source provider can be used as build logic input and task input at the same time

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Let value source based providers be used as task inputs

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Remove warning

Allow build services to be passed to tasks using task properties. Turns out we didn't have test coverage for this and it was broken. Now we do and it's not.

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Move the functional tests for concurrent usage of build services into a separate test class, and fix for instant execution.

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Add `BuildServiceParameters.None` marker type that is used to indicate that a build service does not take any parameters, to match the pattern used in other places.

Extract some validation logic from several places so it can be reused in the places where parameterized isolated objects, such as artifact transforms or build services, are registered.

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Serialize build service providers to the instant execution cache as a spec that is used to recreate the service instance in subsequent builds.

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Fix `:instantExecution` warnings

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Include the property display name, if defined, in error messages when a `Property` value is set using a value or provider whose type is not assignable to the property type.

Also validate and sanitize the values used to set a `Property` convention.

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Support serialization of collection and map properties with an element or value that is calculated from a task output.

Also support serialization of set properties.

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Serialize `Provider` instances that provide a mapped task output so that the mapping is applied at execution time, rather than calculating the value eagerly.

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Refactor serialization for instant execution cache so that property values are writen/read as `Provider` instances, and these provider instances connected in as the value of the property.

This will allow providers whose value cannot be eagerly evaluated to be serialized differently to those whose value is known when serializing.

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Move serialization of `Provider` types to several `Codec` implementations, rather than hard-coded into bean serialization.

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