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Some simplifications of the instant execution types that take care of serializing the work nodes.

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Change instant execution serialization to write the edges between work nodes to the cache, instead of the dependencies between tasks.

This will allow nodes other than tasks to be deserialized and added back to the work graph. Also short-circuit the node dependency calculation when reading nodes back from the cache, as the calculation has already been done.

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Change instant execution to serialize all work nodes to the cache, rather than just the task nodes.

In this change, only a placeholder is written to the cache for node that are not task nodes, and this are discarded on read.

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Don't attempt to run `buildSrc` tasks when using the instant execution cache, and don't attempt to serialize their state when creating the instant execution cache.

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Introduce `(Read|Write)Context` in preparation for auto-tagging

And make the serialization code more symmetrical in the process.

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Use the correct name for the root project when restoring from instant execution cache. This makes build scans more useful when comparing a given build with and without instant execution.

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