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Rename FileMetadata{Snapshot -> }

Snapshot doesn't add anything to the name.

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Replace FileMetadata by FileMetadataSnapshot

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Introduce access type on FileSystemLocationSnapshot

but don't fill it, yet.

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Fix memory leak in component metadata rule executor

The cross-build cache for cached component metadata rules stores

instances of realized Maven/Ivy module metadata in memory. The

problem is that those instances shouldn't have any state from

the project/Gradle build attached to them (they should be good

old POJOs) but for implementation reasons, they are not. In

particular, they keep a reference to the attributes factory,

which in turn keeps a reference to the object factory, which,

itself, will leak classloaders.

As a consequence, as more builds get executed, it was _possible_

that the cache would release some entries, but for the classloaders

to be released, it would require _all_ the entries from the same

build to be released from the cache. It turns out this event is

unlikely and as a consequence, builds end up running out of


This commit fixes the problem by making sure that at the end of

a build, we clear the in-memory cache of component metadata rules.

Therefore, cross-build, we would still read the result of the

execution of rules from the binary, on disk cache, but we would

not reuse in-memory results from previous builds.

This fix has been tested and validated by a user facing this

issue. Memory usage dropped from 11GB of memory to 1GB.

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Add more test coverage for using CopySpec with instant execution.

Reduce the verbosity of some instant execution logging.

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Force AbstractTestDirectoryProvider to use Class (#12431)


This PR adds `className` to `AbstractTestDirectoryProvider` so there'll be no more `unknown-test-class`.

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Notify VFS about local state cleanup


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Replace several more usages of direct `FileCollection` implementation instantiation with a factory method.

Remove/deprecate a couple of `FileCollection` implementations, as these can now be replaced with public API factory methods instead.

The deprecation is intended to be tempory, until the play plugin can be updated to use public APIs instead, then the implementation will be removed.

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Fix classycle

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Move ImplementationSnapshot to :snapshots

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Move BuildCacheCommandFactory to :build-cache

And its implementation to :core (though it should end up in some build-cache-related subproject eventually).

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Add FileCollectionFingerprint.getRootPaths()

to simplify the notification of the VFS for changes from a

file collection fingerprint.

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Inform VFS for output cleanup in CleanupOutputsStep

The previous outputs can be in a different place for the cleanup, e.g.

when the task is re-configured. Therefore, the VFS needs to be informed

that something will change there.

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Rename types for better understanding

We distinguish between complete and incomplete snapshots.

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Use Consumer<FileSystemLocationSnapshot> in VFS

This makes sure that the file system snapshot is consumed and all the

files are read with the VFS aware of it while simplifying the API

quite a bit.

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Replace remaining usages of FileSystemSnapshotter

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Remove unnecessary white-space

Fix more tests

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Unpack roots even for non-cacheable outputs

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Move WorkValidationException to :execution

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Consistently check for path sensitivity warnings during runtime

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Fix tests

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Consolidate type validation

Use ValidateContext with a few standard implementations instead of the many different interfaces and implementations we used to collect valdiation problems before. This fixes issues with types being displayed inconsistently.

The implementation is not fully correct yet: we now fail to display the correct type for problems that are bound to a type instead of a property.

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Allow ValidateStep to report validation warnings

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Emit validation warning in execution engine

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Do not follow symlinks when removing work outputs

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Move Deleter interface out of impl package

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Use Deleter when removing outputs before execution

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Make FingerprinterFixture#outputFingerprinter private

Rework FingerprinterFixture trait to not contain public fields


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