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Rename folders

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Split and sort 'controlling transitive versions'

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Restructure parts about components and artifacts in publishing chapter

- Start with adjusting components from java plugins

(most common and simple use case, can be used to add custom artifacts,

includes updated 'javadoc' sample now)

- Extra section on creating completely new components

- Only one section about artifacts, starting with the warning,

recommending to not mix components and artifacts

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Merge pull request #10510 from gradle/jjohannes/modifiy-variants-of-components

Allow modifications to variants of components for publishing

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Use instantiator for DSL objects created through SoftwareComponentFactory

To have a better and consistent DSL experience when using:

component.addVariantsFromConfiguration(...) { ... }

component.withVariantsFromConfiguration(...) { ... }

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Rework warning around additional artifacts

Document ability to suppress publication warnings

* Includes a rename from silence* to suppress* as used in other APIs,

including @SuppressWarnings

Fixes #10467

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Rework publishing chapter structure

* Move section on custom artifacts lower in the document

* Apply sec: / sub: prefixes consistently

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Add AdhocSoftwareComponent.withVariantsFromConfiguration() API

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Merge pull request #10274 from gradle/jjohannes/gmm-by-default

Publish and use Gradle Module Metadata by default

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Consistent wording: 'Gradle Module Metadata' (not experimental)

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Rework declaring_dependencies.adoc

* Rework section levels

* Fill in missing content

* Moved the part about repository and metadata source to the

repositories document

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Extract page about variant model

This will allow more focused linking and reading from other chapters.

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Reorganize Gradle Module Metadata spec documents

* Keep a 1.0 spec

* Add a latest spec, now at 1.1

* Update all links to point to latest spec

Proposal is that upon creation of 1.2, latest is copied with a 1.1 name

and then latest is edited to become 1.2.

This enables having a stable link for the latest version and historical

versions in direct access. Maintenance should be minimal as older

version have no reason to change anymore.

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Add documentation about Gradle Module Metadata

This mentions Gradle Module Metadata works with other

file formats, how to avoid its publication and how what

happens when you publish a component that uses Gradle

specific features.

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Reorganize the "publishing" section

Integrate it into the dependency management docs.

This commit also adds documentation about custom component publication.

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Fix dead link detector

* Requires all link to have at least one # in them

* Support links to a different file, no anchor, ending with #

* Support links within the same file, starting with #

* Support links without replacement text

* Support links where the file extension is omitted

And fix all detected dead links ...

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Reshuffle dependency management docs

This commit reshuffle existing dependency management docs

into the new dependency management chapter. It's worth noting

that there's no new content at this point, nor any effort to

make it consistent. It just moves things around, and there

are still quite a few places where dependency management docs

are found.

It doesn't try to fix dead links either.

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