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Fix typo in --all option of outgoingVariants task.

Signed-off-by: Chris Doré <>

Standardize dependencyManagement snippets

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Update all links pointing to snippets/userguide

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Make it possible to use an ecosystem describer in more cases

Before this commit the describer would only be used if the same set of attributes

was found. This means that if the consumer added, or removed, one attribute, we

would lose the benefit of better user error messages. With this change, we try

to find the _best matching_ describer, if any.

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Improve error reporting for the Java ecosystem

This commit introduces improved error messages for the Java ecosystem

in case of variant matching errors.

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Fix spelling mistakes and logical/structural errors in the userguide

Signed-off-by: Lars Kaulen <>

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Add missing entry for metadata specification

Catch up with master

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rework links to snippets

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Fix typo in section on variants in user manual

Document default Gradle variant attributes

Fixes #10469

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'Understanding variant selection' and 'Declaring attributes' go together

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Improve titles and structure based on feedback

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Split and sort 'controlling transitive versions'

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Rewrite section on component metadata rules (#10735)

The section was written when the very first version of rules was

introduced and since then only marginally updated.

This is a complete rewrite of the section focusing on explaining

all the metadata modeling features of Gradle Module Metadata

which can be utilized in rules to enrich existing metadata.

The features are described on using real-world use cases.

Related sections are also updated where applicable.

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Some text improvements

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Improve outgoing variant report

* Add capabilities information to the report

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Document variant reporting task

- Includes clarified documentation on usage of classes for java-library


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Document error handling for variant selection

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Rework declaring_dependencies.adoc

* Rework section levels

* Fill in missing content

* Moved the part about repository and metadata source to the

repositories document

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Rework section levels in controlling_transitive_dependencies.adoc

* Makes sure we have a sensible outline

* Update links from other pages to it

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Extract page about variant model

This will allow more focused linking and reading from other chapters.

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