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Revert "Merge pull request #10970 from gradle/lacasseio/remove-generated-samples-from-all-distribution"

This reverts commit f49e526238755f3c1f6d10c89f2755bc997a8f0b, reversing

changes made to a08419db5667441c4c382c472d54d75a3e5ded75.

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Remove all samples from -all distribution

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Dogfood native test fixtures

This commit replaces our custom test fixtures with the native "Java test fixtures".

The `TestFixturesPlugin` of our build has been simplified to leverage the native

test fixtures capabilities. Some noticeable changes:

- the `testFixtures` extension has been replaced with regular dependency declaration

- dependencies on test fixtures are now declared using the `testFixtures` keyword

- test fixtures properly declare an API and an implementation, meaning that the

implementation dependencies of test fixtures no longer leak into the compile

classpath of consumers (in particular tests)

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Change all subprojects to use 'implementation' dependencies

This includes:

- All projects now explicitly declare all dependencies to other

subprojects. This makes issues more visible, guards for accidental

addition of new dependencies, and leaks much less transitive

dependencies on the compile classpathes.

- All usages of 'runtime' to declare dependencies have been replaced

with 'runtimeOnly'

- All projects are now `java-library` (and declare this explicitly)

- Most remaining Groovy scripts are translated to Kotlin

- The old 'compile' and 'runtime' configurations are not

configured/created anymore for the 'testFixture' and 'integTest'

source sets.

- Some obsolete dependencies (see previous commits) are removed

- 'api' is used scarcely on purpose as the current project structure is

not well designed for this. The projects contain code for several

concerns of the build tool and thus putting complete projects on the

API of others exposes too much. They should be split up along

functional concerns first.

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Change `PropertyValidationAccess` so that it discovers annotation handlers in the same way as the build process, rather than hard-coding a fixed set of handlers.

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Fix deprecation warnings in build

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Rework intTestImage and distributions and docs to use variants

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Revert "Distribution build task must run after clean task"

This reverts commit 07b406b

The `mustRunAfter` condition is now added for every task.

Distribution build task must run after clean task

Simplify :apiMetadata

by not creating a separate Jar task

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Make the API metadata jar into a subproject

To avoid the cycle between the root project script

and the distributions project script.

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Add Gradle API metadata jar to the `testRuntime`

Fix build logic to work with -Dorg.gradle.internal.tasks.eager=true

by simplifying extension/tasks properties,

removing Provider<FileCollection> and Provider<FileTree> properties

for the purpose of the eager vs. lazy performance comparison test

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Get samples tests running again

Commit dc49f73c2d37a3d36feb72244f980ea5fca34ddc excluded sample

config and output from the distributions, but also the integ test

distribution, which caused UserGuideSamplesIntegrationTest to

find 0 samples to test.

This change ensures that the samples are included for integ testing

but not in the real -all distribution.

Also fixes 3 samples tests that had broken in the meantime.

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Let the distributions contain a gradle-api-metadata jar

which contains resources defining the Gradle API

- includes/excludes declaring the API packages

- API members parameter names absent from Java 7 bytecode

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Improve laziness of gradlebuild by using build scans

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Convert all remaining task creation to lazy configuration

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Handle distributions:intTestImage without removing the jar task

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Use configureEach over configureEachLater

configureEachLater is going to be removed.

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Avoid configuring Test tasks

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Moved publicApi script to buildSrc/configuration and polish

- Removed extra property usage for public api includes/excludes

- Added missing gradlebuild prefix to jmh and cleanup plugin

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Introduced the property moduleType to derive source compatibility settings

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Removed almost all extra properties and extracted build environment check into plugin

- Moved extra properties into extension methods

- Created AddVerifyProductionEnvironmentTaskPlugin

- Moved build-extensions from kotlin-dsl to configuration submodule

- Created separate extensions for project groups

  1. … 38 more files in changeset.
Extracted test file cleanup from root build into plugin

- Moved configuration of test file clean into extension

- Added TestFileCleanUpPlugin

- Moved CiReporting and Classycle plugin into codequality module

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Fixed srcDist tasks to include the new buildSrc structure

Keep properties close to Provider classes

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Import constraints in more subprojects

see 7e922ba

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Include buildSrc/gradle.properties in source distribution

Convert `settings.gradle` to the Kotlin DSL (#3790)

- `apply { from(...) }` already resolves paths against `settingsDir`

- Clarify project directory name derivation from project name

- Include `*.gradle.kts` files in source distribution

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