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Add deprecation mechanism for configurations

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Allow the services required by a given class to be queried prior to creating any instances of that class. Use this to allow `ArtifactTransformDependencies` to be injected into artifact transforms using any of the service injection patterns (that is, via a constructor or a getter).

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Revert "Merge branch 'sg/lazy/publish-register-2' into release"

This reverts commit 975120ec3997139e2e81e9ad4c03df89fa0748e5, reversing

changes made to 2eb24bc6b76a7d76b97036ca2c716730bc156d76.

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Fix unit tests

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Remove some direct usages of `AsmBackedClassGenerator` from tests, and instead use `TestUtil` fixture to take care of setting up a decorating `Instantiator`.

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Fixed unit test.

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Changed `ArchivePublishArtifact` to implement `ConfigurablePublishArtifact` so that all `PublishArtifact` instances created by `ArtifactHandler` are `ConfigurablePublishArtifact`.

Changed type signatures on the converter to reflect this.

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Added an `Action` overload for `ArtifactHandler.add()` to allow easier definition from Java and other statically typed languages.

Added some test coverage for this and various other ways of declaring `PublishArtifact` from`File` and other inputs.

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Renamed subprojects/core-impl to subprojects/dependency-management.

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