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Fix mapping the contents of a `FileTree` that contains a file (rather than a directory) as a root to an Ant `FileSet`.

This fixes the Checkstyle task when source files are added directly to the task sources.

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Treat the artifacts produced for a local file dependency and those produced for other kinds of dependencies more similarly, when visiting the result.

Specifically, merge `ArtifactVisitor.visitFile()` into `ArtifactVisitor.visitArtifact()`, so that now all files/artifacts that participate in the resolution result are represented as a `ResolvableArtifact`.

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Favor using FileCollection.iterator() over FileCollection.getFiles()

In some cases it's cheaper to create the iterator than a full-blown Set.

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Integrate review feedback

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Deprecate FileCollection.add()

The method was never really working as expected, as in most cases it would throw UOE.

This also fixes a bug with PmdExtension.ruleSetFiles() always throwing the aforementioned UOE exception.

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Some unit test coverage for handling of task dependencies for various FileCollection implementations.

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