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Introduce GradleDistributionsPlugin and multiple distribution projects

We can now have different distributions, containing different sets of

jars/functionality. For this, one subproject per distribution type is

created. Initially we introduce:

- _core_ (absolute minimum needed to run Gradle)

- _basics_ (Basic functionalities on top of core)

- _jvm_ (Everything needed for JVM ecosystem support)

- _native_ (everything for Native support)

- _publishing_ (everything to publish to Maven/Ivy repositories)

This is just an initial structure which we can now easily change. The

main point here is to enable a setup like this at all. New/different

distributions can now simply be added by adding a new subproject that

applies `gradlebuild.distribution.packaging` and defines the content of

the distribution in terms of dependencies.

Projects needing a distribution for testing, then depend on that project

e.g. `integTestDistributionRuntimeOnly(project(":distributionsJvm"))`

While introducing this, a lot of changes/improvements are done.

(See also previous commits and documentation in code.) Some major things:

- The embedded test runner now no longer supports running against a full

distribution as fallback. This has the advantage that we do not need to

assemble the distribution in embedded running, where the huge majority

of tests does not need it. To allow more tests still to run embedded,

the embedded support with TestKit/KotlinDSL involvement has been

improved. Some tests won't run with the embedded runner at all

now, but compared to the overall amount of tests, these are just a few.

And the "forking" tests always run as part of the PR pipeline.

- Cacheability of tests is highly improved. We broke some things

recently when adding inputs for distributed testing.

These regressions are addressed. Other things were

improved along the line (local Tooling API repo no longer uses timestamp

version, local bin distribution without timestamp for wrapper tests,

sample tests no longer rely on absolute path and timestamp version, ...)

- The `docs.jar` is no longer part of the distribution. It almost had no

content and what it had was runtime metadata and not documentation.

Instead, a distribution project now encapsulates all the runtime

metadata creation and produces a `runtime-api-info.jar` that is specific

to the distribution.

- In the past we had flakiness issues causes by different distributions

sharing the same user home/daemon registry. With the fixed set of

distributions defined, we now use different user home/daemon registry

for each distribution.

- Cross-project configurations are removed. There was some code

central to distribution building and runtime metadata generation that

reached into all subprojects. This is now replaced by using proper

variant aware dependency management to share artifacts between

distribution subprojects and the other subprojects.

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Add an outgoing variants report

This commit introduces an `outgoingVariants` task which generates

a report of the outgoing variants of a project. This is useful

for debugging and understanding variant aware resolution.

It becomes possible for a plugin author to understand what variants

are already produced by a project based on the plugins applied, and

what artifacts are attached to what variant.

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Check for already registered model in TaskContainer

A ModelMap<Task> is a shadow version of the TaskContainer inside the

software model. Although difficult, it is possible to create an element

in ModelMap<Task> before creating the same element in TaskContainer.

This creates a duplicate instance that, in some case, cause both

instance to be used in the task graph causing issues.

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Fix integ tests after new buit-in task

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Fix integration tests that relied on placeholder behavior

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Always include a contextual 'cannot determine dependencies for task' error message when the dependencies of a task cannot be calculated. Sometimes this was not included in the logging output.

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Review and improve tests that require exact ordering of tasks

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Use doLast instead of left shift operator

Made this change in preparation for deprecating the left shift operator.

+review REVIEW-6236

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Allow scalar collections and bridged tasks to be viewed as `ModelElement`.

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Fix integration tests

+review REVIEW-5921

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Some minor changes to test coverage for task definition from rules.

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Changed bridging of tasks between rules and legacy land so that tasks are not made immutable when they are accessed by name from legacy land.

Instead, tasks are transitioned so that their initializer rules are executed, but mutation and later rules are not executed. These rules are executed when the tasks are added to the task execution graph.

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Moved some tests between test cases.

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Renamed some test classes.

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