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Make :snapshots an implementation dependency to :core

Move package org.gradle.internal.snapshot to snapshots project

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Convert `core` build script to Kotlin

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Revert back to using a groovy-all.jar built by ourselves


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Model test fixtures as a propert artifact

Previously they were modeled as just a file collection,

which confused the IDEA importer. They now use the more

canonical way of defining an additional artifact.

In a next step they should be reimplemented using variant

aware dependency resolution, so that we don't need a special

DSL to declare these dependencies.

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Depend on groovy-all

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Merge branch 'master' into lptr/core/upgrade-to-groovy-2.5

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Expose groovy-test as dependency

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Upgrade to Groovy 2.5.2 and make compilation work

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Fix Gradleception build

Gradle 5.0 changes the behavior of BOM import, which is now required to be

imported explicitly using the `platform` keyword. However, this is not yet

available on the Gradle version we use to build, so this commit introduces

a temporary fix so that we can use the same syntax on all tested versions

of Gradle.

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Move file collection APIs out of core (#6525)

This change breaks out code that directly relates to handling `FileCollection`s and their build dependencies (called `TaskDependency` at this time) into a separate subproject (`:files`). This is so that other modules can build on just this module instead of having to depend on the oversized `:core`.

As part of the change `Provider`s have been moved to `:base-services`. In a possible followup step `:base-services` could be split into a module that captures the very basic concepts of Gradle's data model: it's all about `DomainObjectCollection`s that can be configured via `Action`s, transformed via `Transformer`s, lazyness can be provided via `Provider`s and rich mutable data types can be created via `Property` objects.

Another addition to `:base-serivces` is the directed graph traversal algorithms used in many parts of Gradle.

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Simplify :apiMetadata

by not creating a separate Jar task

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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api-metadata jar only required by integration tests

move dependency from testRuntime to integTestRuntimeOnly

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Let core testRuntime depend on the api metadata jar

Improve laziness of gradlebuild by using build scans

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Convert all remaining task creation to lazy configuration

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Allow build scans to gracefully degrade with the implicit continuous build added in 4.7 (#5369)

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Move cleanup plugin into cleanup subproject

- Add integration test using TestKit

- Rewrite EmptyDirectoryCheck to use Provider API

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Introduced the property moduleType to derive source compatibility settings

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Refactored Kotlin gradlebuildJava extension object into proper Gradle extension

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Moved grooyPlugin.gradle.kts into a buildSrc plugin

- Removed all usage of extra properties added by groovyPlugin

- Renamed to UnitTestAndCompilePlugin

- Extracted uber configuration from root and groovy script into JavaProjectsPlugin

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Removed almost all extra properties and extracted build environment check into plugin

- Moved extra properties into extension methods

- Created AddVerifyProductionEnvironmentTaskPlugin

- Moved build-extensions from kotlin-dsl to configuration submodule

- Created separate extensions for project groups

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Extracted test file cleanup from root build into plugin

- Moved configuration of test file clean into extension

- Added TestFileCleanUpPlugin

- Moved CiReporting and Classycle plugin into codequality module

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Migrate code quality configuration to Kotlin.

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"coordinate" -> "coordinates"

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Move dependency constraints into a separate project

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Fix failures on CI

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Add test case for Kotlin init scripts

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Extract idiomatic test-fixtures plugin to buildSrc

Plugin is applied to all "groovy projects", see `groovyProject.gradle`.

The plugin configures the Project as a test fixtures producer if

`src/testFixtures` is a directory.

The plugin configures the Project as a test fixtures consumer according

to the `testFixtures` extension configuration.

No more Groovy Closure with optional parameters as a Project extra


Test-fixtures configuration rely on a Groovy DSL only feature that

allows to pass a collection of dependency notations when declaring

dependencies. The Kotlin DSL lacks this feature, see

A workaround has been put in place in `build-extensions.kt` in order to

move forward until this is properly fixed in the Kotlin DSL.

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Use asm 6.0 instead of BETA

Signed-off-by: Bo Zhang <>

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