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Make PMD task resilient to exception from native platform

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Make Cast.cast() be non-nullable

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Fix failure with older versions of PMD that try to enable incremental analysis

More reliably extract PMD version

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Workaround issues with PMD inspecting Gradle's classpath

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Rework after reintroducing reverted changes

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Explicitly configure pmd to not use incremental analysis feature

This stops it from writing a lot of instances of the warning

"This analysis could be faster, please consider using Incremental Analysis:"

when running pmd analysis. There is no functional difference in how PMD

operates from this change.


Signed-off-by: Noa Resare <>

Upgrade default tool version of PMD to 6.7.0

The default ruleset has been changed from the now deprecated

`java-basic` to `category/java/errorprone.xml`.

Resolves #6625.

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Revert "Support PMD's analysis cache (#2223)" and "Improve test coverage for pmd incremental analysis (#2961)" (#3125)

Since there're some issues unreleased in pmd plugin:

This reverts commit:








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Move PMD incremental cache into task's temporary directory

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Reuse AbstractPmdPluginVersionIntegrationTest for multi-version tests

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Add more tests for pmd incremental analysis

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Support PMD's analysis cache (#2223)

Support PMD's incremental analysis

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Fix compatibility with Pmd<5

+review REVIEW-6081

Migrate `Pmd` task to Java

The task still uses an internal class written in Groovy to invoke an isolated Ant builder.

+review REVIEW-6081

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