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Add ignored test that reproduces a problem in cycle detection


Publish build-cache-packaging as public library (#11933)

Since published libraries can not depend on the distribution platform

versions for external dependencies have to be redeclared. See also #10861.

Some unnecessary dependencies have been removed.

Part of

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Fix test

Mention contributor in release notes

Add @CheckReturnValue to DeprecationMessageBuilder

Convert deprecation output comments to javadoc style

Make incubation and deprecation feature handlers final

Format code for better readability

Use `File` for mustWatchDirectories

So we avoid using a plain `String` as much as possible.

Merge branch 'master'

Use specific deprecateTask deprecation method in BasePlugin

Use specific deprecateMethod for deprecating methods in DefaultGradle

Use specific deprecateInternalApi for deprecating methods in DefaultSourceDirectorySetFactory

Add a test for SourceDirectorySetFactory deprecations

Use specific deprecateMethod for deprecating methods in StartParameter

Add note about the relevance of the CI env var to the ie smoke test

Normalize line separators, so the test works on Windows as well

Remove `CI` environment var from instant execution smoke test environment

So the test is not affected by `buildTimestamp` differences and better

reproduces what happens in developer machine.

Expose documentation url from DeprecatedFeatureUsage

Add additional test case to DeprecatedFeatureUsageTest

Add Javadoc to WatchRootUtil

Extend DocumentationReference with upgrade guide section

Update santa tracker smoke test with changed deprecation message

Log documentation reference for deprecation

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Add missing `waitForChangesToBePickedUp()`

The test has a flakiness rate of about 2%.

Fix use of schema location

The code was using `xmlns` instead of `xsi`

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Further encapsulate deprecation message's low level API

Merge branch 'master' into vv/fluent-deprecation-messages

Remove remaining raw usage of DeprecationMessageBuilder and improve the builder's encapsulation

Replace `baseVersion` and `isSnapshot` extra properties by `BuildVersion` project extension

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