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Use absolute path fingerprinter for detecting play reload changes

The classpath fingerprinter doesn't live in the right scope and it

with incremental compilation going on it shouldn't really matter

whether we use the classpath fingerprinter or the absolute path


Revert "Ignore another failing play tests for now"

This reverts commit a08419db5667441c4c382c472d54d75a3e5ded75.

Ignore another failing play tests for now

The test failures are caused by #10849

Revert "Ignore failing play tests for now"

This reverts commit 77720a180b3c858e8e42721a71d77870c3ee02e1.

Fix PlayCompositeBuildIntegrationTest

The breakage has been caused by #10998

Ignore failing play tests for now

The test failures are caused by #10849

Merge branch 'release'

Make paths/names of included builds immutable (#10998)

Changes the “build path” for included builds to be determined at inclusion time based on the directory name, or a user supplied override. Previously, we tried to use the root project name defined in the included build. This caused a lot of complexity due to it not being known until part way through building the included build.

This change also disallows use of `buildSrc` as a project name, as it collides with the `buildSrc` nested build.

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Upgrade guide polishing for 5.6 to 6.0 section only

Upgrade guide polishing for 5.6 to 6.0 section only

Add example for generic file tree to Javadoc

`SingletonFileTree`s aren't generic file trees.

Improve VFS interface

Merge branch 'release'

Also get Instant Execution system properties directly

if not in startParameter

This is temporary adding on top of the temporary way to enable

instant execution in order to be able to configure an IDE to always

use instant execution easily.

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #10996 from gradle/jjohannes/artifacts-metadata-source-discovery-fix

Fix discovery of components without metadata in repositories

Include version constraint comparison in equals() check of dependency (#11001)

The version constraint was ignored when comparing two dependency

declarations. This can lead to dropping dependency declarations for

the same module with the same required version, even if other version

constraint details differ.

Add Javadoc to GenericFileTreeSnapshotter

Relax flaky test expectation

Add equality check in case update() is called twice for the same input

Fix code comment

Add missing hashCode() method

Add test coverage to pin down selector sorting behavior

We now rely on the selector sorting when choosing a selector

to compute override metadata. The sorting puts the most

likely used selector first.

Track 'changing' and 'client module' information for override metadata

Although these are edge cases, it leads to more consistency and makes

the behavior less dependent on order which may change unexpectedly

through internal optimisations.

Fix equals() of client module

Remove duplicated 'isKeyEquals' check

Use Consumer<FileSystemLocationSnapshot> in VFS

This makes sure that the file system snapshot is consumed and all the

files are read with the VFS aware of it while simplifying the API

quite a bit.

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Do not expect an exact number of HEAD requests

This seems to be dependent on timing. If one request starts after

another did already finish, it can take the result from cache.

Remove unused imports

Make http server fixture's handle() thread safe

As stated in the here implemented 'ServerWithExpectations' fixture:

"handlers, as well as failures, need to be thread-safe"

This concrete case was working most of the time since usually there are

not more than one expectations for the same request. But if the

same request is expected several times, and the requests are received

in parallel (as it is the case for metadata download), the handle()

method behaved flaky - by not doing reading and updating of the 'run'

flag as an atomic operation.

Use the first found dependency artifact for override metadata

Later in the resolution, we already combine all artifacts defined

as 'dependency artifacts' on incoming edges.

If a component does not have metadata, we need at least information

about one artifact early when we look for an artifact (instead of a

metadata file).