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Moved more scripts to buildSrc and refactored buildSrc

- Moved wrapper.gradle.kts to buildSrc

- Moved resumeBuild.gradle to buildSrc

- Moved minifiedDependencies.gradle to buildSrc

- Moved dependenciesCheck.gradle to buildSrc

- Moved updateReleasedVersions.gradle to buildSrc

- Introduced configuration submodule for developer focused configuration

- Created buildSrc submodule for buildquality

- Created buildSrc submodule for packaging

- Created buildSrc submodule for profiling

- Created buildSrc submodule for versioning

- Introduced org.gradle.gradlebuild naming convention

- Introduced project-groups file for providing groups of subprojects

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Introduce task for updating to latest nightly (#4155)

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First shot at storing released version in Git

The task to update the file would need to be run by the promotion jobs


./gradlew updateReleasedVersions -PcurrentReleasedVersion=4.4 '-PcurrentReleasedVersionBuildTimestamp=20171002153621+0000'


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