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Suppress warning about missing duplicate package-info class

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Disallow jdk.internal imports

Ignores all checkstyle check for generated source files

Remove 'compare-gradle-builds' plugin from distribution (#10198)

* Remove non-public ProjectOutcomes model type

* Remove 'compare-gradle-builds' plugin from distribution

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Move hashing-related things to new :hashing project

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Suppress missing package-info errors

Move MissingOverride checkstyle check from api to the whole codebase

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Enforce @Override annotation on public api types

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Allow nicer constants for architecture tests

Use Checkstyle 8.12

- EqualsHashCode is now stricter and emits warnings for classes that

implement `hashCode()` but not `equals(Object)`.

- NoWhitespaceBefore now also checks for space before varargs ellipses.

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Fix checkstyle rule

There was a duplicate MethodTypeParameterName rule in checkstyle config, leading

to the wrong rule being used (the one that prevents MULTILETTER type variables).

Split CodeNarc configuration for integration tests

Now that there are rules specific to integration tests, we have a dedicated

configuration file. This should avoid some accidental noise, and removes

the need to check for `Integration` in the test name, which helped discover

a few more problems.

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Introduce a CodeNarc rule to check for incorrect usages of integration test fixtures

This commits adds a CodeNarc rule which, for now, only looks for usages of

`result.output.contains(...)` and will report that as an incorrect usage of test fixtures,

because we should either use `outputContains(...)` or `failure.assertHasCause(...)`.

More usages can be added easily.

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Remove `OperatorWrap` checkstyle rule

This rule is deeply annoying, as it forces the operators on newlines. Code generation typically

uses the opposite pattern, making it extremely simple to break the rule. Since it doesn't really

matter, disable the rule and let us work.

Restructured top level Gradle dir

- Created init-scripts and shared-with-buildSrc sub directories

- Renamed a couple of scripts from camel case to kebap case

- Moved classycle resources to config directory

- Migrated build-scan-init script to Kotlin

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Add support for configuring Swift language support of a component

Signed-off-by: Daniel Lacasse <>

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Remove the "explicit initialization" checkstyle rule

We like to be explicit. Please checkstyle, stop nagging us with this not so smart rule.

Disable `InterfaceIsType` checkstyle module

Extract :core-api project (#2719)

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Fix JavaDoc generation warning about duplicate package documentation

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Merge pull request #2029 from gradle/lp/move-java-sources-back

Move Java sources back to src/main/java

Moved `Named` from base-services to model-core. The intention is to evolve model-core to contain domain agnostic model types.

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Suppress Checkstyle check for duplicate

Use config_loc in our configuration files

+review REVIEW-6526

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Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'cc-java-library-plugin'""

This reverts commit c6cd884e1a8889fb25d26dfcfdfa79d896835e11.

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Revert "Merge branch 'cc-java-library-plugin'"

This reverts commit 0d442a55b445f537efbce65267ce9418fce2e7a8, reversing

changes made to 04647ab69fc8d19186cd2a78124ea74b8a89cc0f.

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Find a better home for `Usage`

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Add support for publishing libraries using the `maven-publish` plugin

This commit adds support for API dependencies in the generated pom file when using the `maven-publish` plugin.

It refactors the `Usage` class to make it public, and extensible by users. Then the legacy internal `Usage` class,

which was only used by the publishing plugin, has been updated to use `Usage` as a member, instead of being directly

the usage. This allows us to map configurations to usages more precisely.

- The `compile` scope of the generated pom file consists of the `api` dependencies.

- The `runtime` scope of the generated pom file consists of the old `runtime` dependencies *and* `runtimeElements` dependencies

With this setup, the new publishing plugin is now closer to the reality than the old Maven publishing plugin.

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Make checkstyle happy

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Move Java sources from src/main/groovy to src/main/java

There are no Groovy sources left, so there's no need to keep these files in src/main/groovy. We can also save build time by only invoking a single compiler instead of two for these projects.

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