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Merge pull request #7429 from gradle/lptr/build-cache/extract-packaging

Move build cache packaging and execution to build-cache-packaging

Better error message

Revert commented out test code

Parameterize tooling api shaded jar install path (#7365)

We need to customize tooling api shaded jar installation. This commit

adds a parameter toolingApiShadedJarInstallPath, which is similar to gradle_installPath.

Publish 5.0-20181017235820+0000

Revert unnecessary date change

Fix tests

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Avoid reaching over project boundaries for binary compatibility check

Remove remaining task-related utils class

Rename property -> tree and avoid using output in names

Remove last references to tasks

Fix nullability

Move build cache packaging and execution to build-cache-packaging

With this change the build cache becomes independent of tasks, so that in future it can be used to cache things like artifact transforms and Kotlin build scripts via a unified interface.

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Merge pull request #7407 from gradle/lacasseio/lazy/avoid-reaching-for-configurations

Avoid reaching over project boundaries for binary compatibility check

Merge branch 'release'

Merge pull request #7419 from gradle/timyates/scan-plugin-2.0-update

Updated for build scan plugin v2.0

Stop ignoring tests and fix removed deprecated build scan property

Updated for plugin v2.0

Merge branch 'release'

Rebaseline GradleInceptionPerformanceTest

The upgrade of the build scan plugin made the

baseline much faster while keeping the current

version untouched, resulting in test failures.

Make build JDK validation fail fast (#7372)


Previously we check the build JDK in the execution phase, which might be too late - users

don't like to wait 5 mins for buildSrc then see "current JDK is not supported".

This PR moves the build JDK validation at the beginning of buildSrc/build.gradle.kts

in order to get a quick feedback.

Merge pull request #7368 from gradle/eskatos/build/dogfood-kotlin-dsl-1.0-RC12

Dogfood more Kotlin DSL improvements in the gradle/gradle build

Merge pull request #7416 from gradle/wolfs/quiet-unzip

Use quiet when unzipping

Merge pull request #7361 from gradle/wolfs/misc/task-option-override

Add test to show overriding of task option from a configure task

Rebaeline GradleInceptionPerformanceTest

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/lazy-tasks/buildsrc-deadlock' into release

* origin/gh/lazy-tasks/buildsrc-deadlock:

Fix deadlock when source dependency has a buildSrc directory

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/lazy-tasks/unsafe-docs' into release

* origin/gh/lazy-tasks/unsafe-docs:

Add further information to unsafe configuration resolution warning

Polish new section on resolving unsafe resolution warnings