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Update released version to latest snapshot

Clean release notes and welcome message for 5.4

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Clean accepted API changes

Update version to 5.4

Publish 5.2-20190122010223+0000

Change target to 5.3 instead of 5.2

Tidy up

Remove unnecessary experimental test

Fix JDK 11.0.2 javadoc (#8276)

JDK 11.0.2 has been released. However, gradle `javadocAll` task fails on 11.0.2.

This seems to be caused by , when the code being documented uses modules, JDK 11.0.2's `javadoc` expects all its references use modules. Apparently this can't be true for Java 8:

Now we change reference link to JDK 11 API: `def javaApiUrl = ""`. This would make all links to point to Java 11 API page.

Add branch qualifier to version (#8279)

This is part of . We want to add a version qualifier to Gradle released from a branch. This PR reads `versionQualifier` from project property and adds them to released version.

Publish 5.2-20190121012241+0000

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Promotion' project: VCS roots of 'Publish Branch Snapshot (from Quick Feedback)' build configuration were updated

Accept api changes for now

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Promotion' project: VCS roots of 'Publish Branch Snapshot (from Quick Feedback)' build configuration were updated

Publish 5.2-20190120010038+0000

Publish 5.2-20190119010056+0000

Merge pull request #8268 from gradle/eskatos/fixtures/report-unable-to-delete

Let test files cleanup report all unable to delete paths

Merge pull request #8231 from gradle/wolfs/extract-property-specs

Make property specs independent of tasks

Re-enable daemon on CI (#8263)


Previously we disabled daemon in some CI builds as a workaround of . Now that issue has been fixed, so we re-enable disabled daemons.

Also, there seems no reason to enable daemon in performance tests, so we enable them as well.

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Prefer settings from VCS in TeamCity

This is a followup of, which allows we

make slight change on feature branches.

Revert "TeamCity change in 'Gradle' project: Versioned settings configuration updated"

This reverts commit f8a18100d4564a67fd3e69a8716ff52c996926fc.

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TeamCity change in 'Gradle' project: Versioned settings configuration updated

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Rename method to handle deadlocks

Rename Parameter -> Property

Let's do the whole rename at once instead of piecewise.

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Merge pull request #8265 from bjornvester/master

Fix typo in

Merge pull request #8266 from gradle/lptr/execution/remove-unnecessary-dependency-on-files

Remove unnecessary dependency on files

Let AbstractTestDirectoryProvider report all unable to delete paths on cleanup

Before this change, when test files cleanup fail we reported the test

temporary dir path and suggested using file-leak-detector.

While file-leak-detector can be very handy once you get it to observe

the right process, it's also almost useless in some cases (e.g. flaky

leaking situations).

This commit let the test fixtures report all paths that couldn't be

deleted under the test temporary dir. Most of the time this gives a

good hunch about what process is the culprit, if not the component.

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove unnecessary dependency on files

Update Gradle metadata file format

Add validation step for multiple variant selection

This commit adds a graph validation step, which checks that if

multiple variants of a single component are selected, they have

compatible attributes.

Currently, compatible means _identical_. If we want to improve

this further, next steps would be to do this during selection

instead of validation, and potentially substitute one selected

variant with the other when one is fully compatible with the other

(in other words, all its common attributes are compatible with

the other variant). This, however, would likely have a performance

impact in selection.