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Document library upgrades in release notes

Non user-facing upgrades are excluded.

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Rebaseline `get IDE model on <> for {IDEA,Eclipse`

Those two are slower probably due to the container changes.

@melix didn't see any improvements which can be done for those cases.



Rebaseline `create many tasks`

The regression is caused by the changes in

DefaultDomainObjectContainer. It is very small and can be accepted.


Temporarily disable `get IDE model` performance tests

So that we can get a nightly, to accept the performance regression.

Set mirror for exemplar tests (#6783)

Previously all our doc tests are executed by `exemplar`, which can't set mirrors. This PRs upgraded to exemplar `0.6.1` and exclude `asciidoctorj` to avoid `Can't create process, argument list too long` issue on Windows.

Add title for performance report badges

Add smoke test for gradle-versions-plugin

Reduce cost of deriving variants for Maven metadata

Deriving variant cost is dominated by computing the derived attributes. However,

we know that for Maven metadata, the input attributes are always the same, and

what we use to derive too. So this commit introduces a specialized attributes

factory which goal is to cache concatenation of attributes used in derived


Add smoke test resources for Idea

Issue: #6804

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Add metadata about type of documentation for search purposes

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Optimize for the single match case

In disambiguation rules, most, if not all, disambiguation rules would choose a single

match. This commit optimizes this use case by avoiding the creation of a set.

Cache `DefaultModuleIdentifier` hash code

This hash code is used several times during dependency resolution. It's also worth

adding it to the `equals` method since we hit the `equals` path several times without

having visited `hashCode` before.

Re-emphasize that domain object collections are not thread safe

Avoid the creation of a string to build the path in the file store

This creates a significant amount of garbage. Assuming we read from the store

more often than we write to, this commit builds an array corresponding to the

path in the store, rather than a string.

Add workaround for not working MODULE_WORKING_DIR


Merge pull request #6799 from gradle/lptr/core/upgrade-to-groovy-2.5-followup

Followup after Groovy 2.5 uprade

Remove suppressed warnings for Java 7 features

Now that we use Java 7 source level, we no longer have to suppress

warnings for using Java 7 APIs in IDEA.

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Merge pull request #6670 from gradle/lptr/core/use-prefixing-hasher-everywhere

Use prefixing MD5 hasher by default

Reuse existing ComponentMetadataRule

Nicer Groovy code

Revert to using days instead of milliseconds in test

Remove unnecessary comments

Apparently Groovy 2.5 has changed the semantics of `pop()`:

* Note: The behavior of this method changed in Groovy 2.5 to align with Java.

* If you need the old behavior use 'removeLast'.

Don't create a composite artifact set

... if the configuration cannot be mutated, and that the configuration doesn't have

any parent then it's useless to create a composite, we can just return the existing,

own, artifact set.

Improve performance report generation (#6642)

This PR improves performance report by:

- Merge different reports into one.

- Sort test scenarios in the order:

- Failed scenarios.

- Scenarios which are about to fail.

- Confidence.

- Show all important information in relevant execution.

- Show different result in different colors.

Avoid creating a linked hash set for outgoing variants

In most cases there's only one child, so it's a waste of resources to

create a fully fledged linked hashset.

Fix tests

Fixes based on review comments

Merge pull request #6791 from gradle/wolfs/slow-internet-connection-cache

Don't cache patchExternalModules for slow internet

Use Intellij platform runner by default

Delegation doesn't work out of the box right now.

Merge pull request #6774 from gradle/eskatos/plugins/markers-metadata-only

Prevent plugin resolution to try download jars for plugin markers