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Remove InternableString from DefaultFileSystemSnapshotter

Fix compile error

Polish variable names

Merge pull request #10496 from gradle/gh/deprecations/unmanaged-threads

Make resolving configurations from unmanaged threads an error

Merge pull request #10499 from gradle/gh/deprecations/logging

Remove some deprecated logging methods

Ignore more slow HTTPS tests

Ignore HTTPS slow tests on JDK12

Fix incorrect split (#10689)

I made a mistake when splitting the test sets: suppose we have 1000 tests and want to split into 3 buckets, the previous split is [333,333,333,1], so the test include/exclude patterns are:

- include 1..333

- include 334..666

- exclude 1..999

We're missing a large subset of tests! This fixes this issue by correctly splitting the buckets.

Fix Kotlin DSL style

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Java 8 polish

Do not follow symlinks when removing work outputs (#10519)

Do not follow symlinks when removing work outputs

Merge pull request #10688 from gradle/wolfs/use-non-snapshot-flightrecorder

Use non-snapshot version of flightrecorder

Remove snapshots repository

Use non-snapshot version of flightrecorder

for JFR parsing.

Mention command-line shortening in the release notes

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Reduce duplicated Windows tests

Make sure the classpath is too long

Provide a meaningful name for the long classpath file in test

Refactor JavaExecHandleBuilder to shorten arguments

- Add backdoor to shorten on an arbitrary command-line length so we can test on mac/Linux

- Reduce command-line arguments without parsing argument list

- Test project.javaexec too

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/long-command/use-pathing-jar'

* origin/lacasseio/long-command/use-pathing-jar:

Fix compilation error

Organize imports

Include exception in message when couldn't create pathing JAR

Change information message when shortening the command line

Add missing test on detecting long command line on Windows

Remove shortening command line using `CLASSPATH`

Allow shortening the command line using a pathing JAR

Fix BuildTypesPluginTest

Make buckets in TeamCity configuration (#10552)

Currently, the primary obstacles for us to improve CI feedback time is the long-running jobs: `integTest`/`core`/`dependencyManagement` each takes more than 10 minutes. Without decreasing the time we can't improve CI feedback time.

This PR changes the previous subproject-based TC job to bucket-based TC job: a bucket can contain a split of large subproject, or many tiny subprojects. This makes CI configuration more flexiable and efficient.

For example, all tiny subprojects which only contain unit tests can be merged to `AllUnitTests`, just as before - but now we make this more generic.

`integTest` subproject can be split to 3 jobs: `integTest`/`integTest_2`/`integTest_3`. Splitted project has a special parameter `-PtestSplit=1/3`/`-PtestSplit=2/3`/`-PtestSplit=3/3` so the build can choose only a subset of tests to execute.

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Some more edits to the 'custom Gradle types' chapter.

Javadoc edits.

Merge pull request #10608 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/fix-warnings

Fix :instantExecution warnings

Fix `:instantExecution` warnings

Polish `ProxyCodec`

- Remove unchecked cast warnings by using specialized operations

- Replace `if (c) e else null` by `e.takeIf { c }`

Limit the scope FileSystemSnapshotBuilder is available in

We only need it to create a single FileSysatemSnapshot, so it should not be exposed to the outside world.

Fix compilation error

Merge branch 'master' into lptr/execution/no-follow-symlinks-when-cleaning-outputs