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Address review feedback

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Re-add previously removed test

Was removed in 'Move validation of task inputs and outputs to UnitOfWork'.

Fix test fixture after polishing

Polish code

- reorder service parameters alphabetically

- remove unused code

Reorganize code for better maintainability

We need to keep these long chained calls to let the Java compiler properly infer types, but we don't have to upadte everything every time we add or change a step.

Don't use Java 11 APIs even in tests

Windows tests fail with these because they run with JDK 8.

Fix test

Start legacy "Snapshot task inputs" build operation in execution engine

The finishing has been moved some time ago.

Publish 5.5.1-20190717230817+0000

Store unfiltered output snapshots before execution separately

Bump to latest nightly for inception build

Load previous execution state in execution engine

Resolve previous output files as late as possible

Move snapshotting outputs and overlap detection to execution engine

Now we snapshot the outputs before exectuion and detect overlapping outputs in CaptureBeforeExecutionState. This way the state is captured in a single step.

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Add minimal test for overlapping output detection

Salvage what we already had. This should be extended, though.

Introduce interface for overlapping output detection

This should make testing simpler.

Move overlapping output detection to :snapshots

Get before execution outputs from before execution state

Polish code

- Remove unnecessary type parameters

- Use more Java 8 constructs

Only expose origin metadata for reused outputs in execution engine

We are not interested in non-reused metadata outside the execution engine.

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Restore imports that IDEA removes even if required!

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Move validation of task inputs and outputs to UnitOfWork

Restore test by updating the baseline for Gradle builds

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Update wrapper

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Merge pull request #9880 from gradle/lptr/build-cache/issue-9877

Use UTF-8 when extracting build cache artifacts

Temporarily ignore in order to get a passing build on older API

Recognize contribution

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Only check in errors (#9967)

As proposed in , we want to mark some violations as error in IDEA so we can catch them before pushing to CI.

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Publish 5.5.1-20190716230031+0000

Clarify test title