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Disable address space layout randomization (ASLR)

Drop file caches before each benchmarking session

Disable memory overcommit

Disable swap completely

Assert OS performance Settings

Temporarily disable all network traffic during benchmarking

Disable cron and atd during benchmarks

Display info about current OS state before every iteration

Merge pull request #10068 from gradle/wolfs/profiler/support-new-build-op-listener

Support new build operation listener in gradle-profiler

Add comment to remove "old" listener class

Fix 404 in performance test coordinator (#10036)

### Context

This fixes

Previously we got 404 when trying to fetch build status from TC. The exception

will break report generation. This commit fixes the issue by catching the 404

exception correctly.

Publish 5.6-20190723234933+0000

Allow serialization of Path(s)

Whitelist new Gradle profiler build operation listener

Remove no longer relevant TODOs

- `@Nullable` cannot be applied to type arguments

- Software model questions are no longer relevant

Merge pull request #9968 from gradle/bamboo/ie/migrate-to-new-Kotlin-js-plugin

Migrate to new Kotlin Js plugin

Merge pull request #10055 from gradle/bamboo/master/fix-instant-execution-report-jar

Fix `:instantExecutionReport` jar not to include duplicate entries

Fix `:instantExecutionReport` jar not to include duplicate entries

Merge branch 'release'

Merge pull request #9461 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/support-nested

Generate read-only user type properties

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Address review feedback

Rebaseline all performance test scenarios

There seems to be tiny gradual regression in performance, which causes unbearable

flakiness. Rebaselining all scenarios to catch future regressions.

  1. … 16 more files in changeset.
Rebaseline NativeCleanBuildPerformanceTest

It seems to have gradual tiny regressions. Rebaselining.

Rebaseline TaskOutputCachingSwiftPerformanceTest

TaskOutputCachingSwiftPerformanceTest seems to have a small regression

since long time ago. Rebaselining it.

Change the instant execution cache bean serialization so that it honors the `writeReplace()` contract for `Serializable` types.

This allows a plugin to use the Guava collection types, which happen to use this contract for serialization. This could be viewed as a work around for the lack of support for multiple classes with the same name (and that is certainly the motivation). However, this provides a potential escape hatch for plugin authors to work around serialization issues. It also provides a nice migration path for re-using the bean serialization in other places, such as task properties, isolated work parameters and tooling models, all of which currently use Java Serialization as the general purpose contract.

Publish 5.6-20190722230056+0000

Add specific serialization to the instant execution cache for the Guava immutable collection types. These are the classes used by Gradle core, not those that a plugin may happen to use (which are still not supported).

Represent classes serialized to the instant execution cache using an integer id, rather than a string class name.

Apart from reducing the amount of stuff written to the cache, this will also allow multiple classes with the same name (but different ClassLoaders) to be referenced in the instant execution state.

Merge branch 'release'