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Turn off dockerd during execution

Turn swap off during execution


Add jHiccup info to the logs

Add safepoint times to MeasuredOperation

Fix NoClassDefFoundError in performance test (#10153)


The problem is that TC returns a `text/html` HTTP response even when we explicitly set `Accept: application/json`. When this happens, the `NoClassDefFoundError` is expected because we excluded `xerces`.

Publish 5.6-20190802230034+0000

Merge pull request #10158 from gradle/gh/deprecations/remove-osgi

Remove the deprecated OSGI plugin

Correct default in DSL doc

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Run GC on all JVMs before sessions

Add before and after iteration blocks

Mention removal of OSGI plugin in upgrading doc

Add link to changing duplicates strategy in working_with_files

Remove bndlib dependency and correct distribution tests


Merge branch 'mark-vieira:shared-resources'

And even more review comments addressed

Apply suggestions from code review

Co-Authored-By: Stefan Wolf <>

Run the benchmarking JVM's GC before every iteration

Display info about current OS state before every iteration

Upgrade JMH to 0.5.0-rc-2

Address comments

Add archive duplication strategy notes to working_with_files#Creating archives

Add upgrade notes for archive task duplicate failure

Add median and confidence data to perf database (#10136)

As part of, we want to add some extra performance analytic data to perf database so that we can analyze the flakiness with SQL.

This PR adds extra column `currentMedian`/`baselineMedian`/`diffConfidence` to the performance database and calculate them on insertion.

Remove osgi from CI build

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Remove osgi plugin

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Publish 5.6-20190801230839+0000

Change instant execution serialization to write the edges between work nodes to the cache, instead of the dependencies between tasks.

This will allow nodes other than tasks to be deserialized and added back to the work graph. Also short-circuit the node dependency calculation when reading nodes back from the cache, as the calculation has already been done.

Upgrade JMH gradle plugin to 0.5.0-rc-1