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Add diff standardError to performance outputs

Merge pull request #10063 from gradle/lptr/deprecations/groovy-bugs

Add proper Nullability annotation now that compiler bug is fixed

Merge pull request #10060 from gradle/lptr/deprecations/nullable

Remove deprecated org.gradle.api.Nullable annotation

Fix broken link in doc

Merge branch 'release'

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Publish 5.6-20190726020659+0000

Fix test

Ignore test that was accidentally enabled

Revert "Revert "Add debug support to TestLauncher (#9863)""

This reverts commit 17d0ec1ba0dd44df1a6e2e2f8e79c366faa2bee7.

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Merge pull request #10071 from gradle/bamboo/ie/abstract-task-properties

Let instant execution serialize generated task properties

Merge pull request #10079 from gradle/bamboo/master/kotlin-dsl/script-plugin-with-package

Allow package declarations in Kotlin DSL scripts

Merge pull request #10078 from gradle/gh/worker-api/documentation

Documentation updates for Worker API Improvements

Fix issue with running JDWPUtil on JDK 8

Bump to groovy-all 1.3

Bump to groovy-all 1.2

Make codenarc happy

Add explanations about variant-aware matching

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Fix ClassDefNotFound error

Revert to `kotlin2js` plugin to avoid the CMEs caused by `npmResolve`

Add full stack option to failing test

Remove redundant elements in compile avoidance test

Update subprojects/plugins/src/integTest/groovy/org/gradle/java/compile/AbstractJavaGroovyCompileAvoidanceIntegrationSpec.groovy

Co-Authored-By: Stefan Wolf <>

Apply review suggestions

Separate empty initializers and constructor change from adding empty ones

Fix script caching for scripts using deprecated classloader

Update Groovy all hash in DistributionIntegritySpec

Format affected files

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Publish 5.6-20190724230050+0000

Allow a `FileCollection` visitor to skip visiting the output of artifact transforms, and use this when serializing file collections to the instant execution cache.

This is only intended to be a basic step towards allow visitors better control over what to visit and in what form to visit. In this step, the API is specific to artifact transforms but will be made more general in later changes.

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