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Add diff standardError to performance outputs

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Publish 5.6-20190724230050+0000

Allow a `FileCollection` visitor to skip visiting the output of artifact transforms, and use this when serializing file collections to the instant execution cache.

This is only intended to be a basic step towards allow visitors better control over what to visit and in what form to visit. In this step, the API is specific to artifact transforms but will be made more general in later changes.

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Merge pull request #10047 from gradle/gh/worker-api/work-queue-api

Improvements to the Worker API

Revert "Add debug support to TestLauncher (#9863)"

This reverts commits 026d9f4f8b33e64a64fd0f9f4c364b4c7cebf26f and fda0f3d58074137a1e9204fbf2762d9f63a0603b.

Temporarily reverted due to a possible performance regression.

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Merge `FileTreeInternal.visitTreeOrBackingFile()` into `visitLeafCollections(listener)`, so that the listener is told whether or not the tree is backed by a file and can do what it chooses with this information.

Temporarily ignore failing tests

Add debug support to TestLauncher (#9863)

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Deprecating buildSrc usage in settings (#9898)

* Fix sanityCheck

* Handle deprecated use of resources from buildSrc in settings

* Address some feedback from PR review

* Simplify deprecation warning

* ensure only fired once for performance reasons

* tweak test coverage

* add proper test coverage

* use simplified deprecation warning

* ensure works with kotlin-ds;

* Fix caching of deprecated classloader

* use uniqye identifier and avoid same identifier as non deprecated loader

* fix more tests now expecting deprecation warning

* Make DeprecatedClassloader closeable

* Mention deprecation in upgrade guide

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Change baseline to workaround issue with perf test

Display info about current OS state before every iteration

Merge pull request #10068 from gradle/wolfs/profiler/support-new-build-op-listener

Support new build operation listener in gradle-profiler

Fix incorrect intro section to fixing capability conflicts

Add comment to remove "old" listener class

Change `FileCollection` implementations so that they all expose their task dependencies via `TaskDependencyContainer` rather than a mix of `Buildable` and `TaskDependencyContainer`.

Fix 404 in performance test coordinator (#10036)

### Context

This fixes

Previously we got 404 when trying to fetch build status from TC. The exception

will break report generation. This commit fixes the issue by catching the 404

exception correctly.

Some cleanup of the internals of `DefaultFileCollectionFactory`.

Refine the API for visiting the leaves of a FileCollection, so that a visitor does not have to recreate a FileTree from its root directory and set of patterns, but can instead use the original instance.

Removed an unused parameter.

Some Javadoc edits.

Publish 5.6-20190723234933+0000

Make process option verification less error-prone

Allow serialization of Path(s)

Whitelist new Gradle profiler build operation listener

Remove no longer relevant TODOs

- `@Nullable` cannot be applied to type arguments

- Software model questions are no longer relevant

Merge pull request #9968 from gradle/bamboo/ie/migrate-to-new-Kotlin-js-plugin

Migrate to new Kotlin Js plugin

Merge pull request #10055 from gradle/bamboo/master/fix-instant-execution-report-jar

Fix `:instantExecutionReport` jar not to include duplicate entries

Fix `:instantExecutionReport` jar not to include duplicate entries

Merge branch 'release'