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Don't run coordinator on ec2 (#8621)

Our H2 performance database has an ancient configuration and is incompatible with JDK11.0.2. We're using a patched JDK11.0.2 version ( on Hetzner agents. But EC2 agents are not patched, performance coordinator builds will fail on EC2 agents. Before fixing H2 db issue, let's not run performance coordinators on EC2 agents.

Merge pull request #8587 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/custom-classpath-normalization

Support custom classpath normalization for artifact transforms

Merge pull request #8620 from gradle/am/param-types

Fix class generation when declared service injection getter return type is a type variable

Rebase Android performance test

Following changes for #8099 this performance test saw a significant

performance boost of about 20%.

Clarify plugin incompatibility

Since applying the `java-platform` plugin after `java` or `java-library`

already throws, we will just improve the error message in that case.

In order to not break existing builds, applying `java` or `java-library`

after `java-platform` will cause a deprecation warning in 5.3+ and will

break in 6+.

Fixes #8553

Merge pull request #8511 from gradle/pl/java-plugin-confs-docs

Fix info about Java Plugin test configurations

Merge pull request #8617 from gradle/lacasseio/issue-6789

Ensure builds containing deployements report accurate build time

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/daemon/permgen' into release

* origin/sg/daemon/permgen:

Ignore permgen soak test

Add integration test that fails if Gradle does not understand the JVM's GC settings

Rework daemon GC/memory expiration checks

Ignore permgen soak test

A partial fix for class generation to handle service injection methods inherited from parameterized types and that use a type variable for their return type.

Extract deployment fixture to share between tests

Use `CollectionUtils.single` instead of custom implementation

Ensure builds containing deployements report accurate build time

Address more review feedback

Add failing test for problems with generic type parameters

The return type of the property is not correct, since bound type

parameters of the superclass are not taken into account.

Improve ComponentSelectionReason.isExpected

The previous implementation relied on ordering. There have been reports

of that order not holding.

We now check for a unique `requested` or `root` reason.

Fixes #8435

Remove unused custom values for build cache

We now get enough information out of the box about buildSrc task, we

don't need to add the custom values.

Add test for input artifact classpath normalization

Pass around empty service registry

instead of `null`.

Mark DefaultConfiguration package with non-null API

and fix some warnings in `DefaultConfiguration`.

Release note potential breaking change

Issue #8586

Rename {Isolatable -> Isolated}Parameters

Merge branch 'release'

Proper propagation of flag when modifying metadata

The `ConfigurationBoundExternalDependencyMetadata` was not properly

propagating the `alwaysUseAttributeMatching` state when the metadata was


This caused legacy Maven / Ivy interop to kick in, as happened before Maven

was fully moved to variant aware dependency management. One test needed

to be modified, which in reality should have been changed at the 5.0


Fixes #8586

Merge pull request #8605 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/rename-cacheable-annotation

Rename CacheableTransform{Action -> }

Rename CacheableTransform{Action -> }

The action doesn't add anything to the name.

Set initial heap size for classloader leak test

Update to latest nightly

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Add integration test that fails if Gradle does not understand the JVM's GC settings

Merge pull request #8591 from gradle/bamboo/release/replace-ASM6-with-ASM_LEVEL

Replace usages of `ASM6` with `ASM_LEVEL`