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Revert "Rebaseline WorkerApiPerformanceTest"

This reverts commit 71936503e2ba33512f584324ab95ab0f5229a482.

Move `Improvements for plugin authors` higher in the release notes

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Merge pull request #11667 from gradle/lacasseio/update-sample-plugin

Update sample plugin to fix execution flag on wrappers

Merge pull request #11670 from gradle/lacasseio/filter-fix

Always honor excludes when using JUnit platform

Fix NGTest exclude test filter

Add test for the exclude filter fix for JUnitPlatform

Update sample plugin to fix execution flag on wrappers

Ignore failing Xcode 11 tests

Link ignore to issue

Remove unused import.

Hack around the lack of module support in annotation processing

Reenable script classloader soak test.

Add some integration test coverage for new method.

Better approximation of class name

Merge pull request #11638 from gradle/lacasseio/update-smoke-test-plugin-versions

Update plugin versions in smoke tests

Merge pull request #11573 from gradle/eskatos/ie/smoke

Run smoke tests with instant execution

Cherry-picked from master in order to keep CI model & build logic in sync

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Upgrade smoke tested AGP 3.6 to latest -beta05

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #11647 from gradle/eskatos/ie/upgrade-agp-nightly

Upgrade AGP nightly in instant execution tests

Apply java plugin to make build more backwards-compatible

The test doesn't care much about which plugin is applied, though

earlier versions of Gradle which are tested don't have the java-library

plugin, yet.

Cleanup instant execution android integ tests

by dropping --dry-run tests, not needed anymore

by preparing santa-tracker tests for the kotlin flavor

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Upgrade AGP nightly tested with instant execution

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #11604 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/tooling-api-invalidation

Allow notifying about FS changes via the TAPI

Correctly filter buckets (#11645)

Correctly filter buckets

Merge pull request #11644 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/check-for-transforming-no-sleep

Poll for work in progress line in test

Correctly filter buckets

Buckets which contained a subproject which should be skipped for a

stage have been completely ignored. That caused e.g. snapshots test

not to run on macOS. Now the subprojects are correctly filtered.

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Fix Groovy AST test cases for ancient versions of Groovy

The test used APIs available from Groovy 1.8+, we can ignore

these tests for older versions (1.6/1.7)

Fix convention mapping applied to a property with a setter with a covariant return type.

Fix duplicate UUIDs in TC DSL (#11641)

Add test coverage to ensure UUIDs are unique in TC DSL

Make performance.db.url global

This commit moves performance.db.url param out of Kotlin DSL,

so that it can be easily updated in the future.

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Publish 6.0.1-20191211000024+0000